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Tony Griffi of Gilwood Golf Club is on the job and making plans. It can’t be easy doing that when you don’t know how things are going to play out with the virus business. But despite that, last week Tony optimistically put out an ad for a free family day of golf, on May 24. Something to look forward to! But of course the date is subject to change.

Speaking of snow, are we the only ones regretting that we never invested in a scoop shovel? Those sidewalk-scraper shovels are not that good when it comes to digging stuck vehicles out of snowbanks. And by the way, thanks very much to Gerald ‘Jello’ Marchant from The Brick (and his boss Terry Karst) for helping us shovel out an employee’s car on March 31. Not to mention the friendly gals from ATB, who came out in numbers to help push a car or two out of trouble.

Healthy and observing all the recommended precautions: that’s the word from Sgt. Don Racette of the RCMP on the state of affairs at the Slave Lake detachment. Good to know.

What can you say about two guys who choose the worst day of the year to deliver a big office printer? This was of course on Tuesday, March 31, with the street out front unplowed and the parking area in front of the office three times as deep. What kind of shape the highways were in we don’t know, but people were being advised to stay off them. But in spite of all that, the copier dudes showed up and somehow managed to get their unit unloaded and wheeled into the office. This, by the way, was the same day that the newspaper delivery guy got stuck for a couple of hours out front.

How about a six-hour drive from Edmonton? That’s what those wacky copier-delivery guys said it took.

It’s Genocide Remembrance Month. The reminder came via Alberta’s Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women Leela Sharon Aheer last week. “Not light or happy,” said the person who brought it to our attention, “but it is important.”

Kelly Adelman of Prax Enterprises had a nice idea the other day. How about donating your Rotary 777 refund to the SL Gymnastics Club? That club had put out a plea for help just the day before, being strapped for operating funds due to enforced closure. There was other complimentary stuff in her post as well, but we’re out of space. Nice going Kelly and Prax for being a positive player in the community. One of many, of course.

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