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About the NHL playoff pool….hold onto your teams, says Harry Bartlett of the Rotary Club of Slave Lake. The NHL is talking seriously about holding some sort of playoffs. Stay tuned on that. Of course many people who entered the pool probably never did get around to submitting the form with their teams of 16 players. So that will still have to be done.
In other Rotary news, the refund program for the 777 event is underway, but the Rotary Club was still waiting for its new batch of cheques to arrive when this was written. Please be patient, says Bartlett. It will get done

It’s strange how spring run-off goes. Smoothly and without incident in some places. With ice jams, flooding and all kinds of damage in others. You can’t predict what will happen simply based on how much snow there is. We’ve had a lot of winters with deep snow cover and nothing at all happened to speak of in the spring melt. It might just come down to whether the ice jams up or not, and who can predict that?
Summer flooding is another matter. Too much rain equals flooding. But where will that rain fall? Good luck predicting that as well.

Alrighty then. What were those divers doing in the river (Lesser Slave) on April 27? An RCMP team from Vancouver, somebody who should know what he is talking about tells us. Looking for something, but he doesn’t know what. We’ve got calls in to people who should know. Will they spill the beans? Stay tuned. Or better yet, see the story on Page 8. It doesn’t say much, but it’s the best we could get.

Then there’s the guy, who walked out of The Source in Slave Lake with items he allegedly hadn’t paid for. This was on March 25. A pretty good image of him was captured by a security camera. Police would like to have a word with him.

This just in from our member of Parliament, Mr. Viersen. Or rather it was ‘just in’ on April 28; he and some other MPs were headed to Ottawa to hold the government to account on various matters. Viersen planned to speak up for victims of flooding in Fort Vermilion among other topics.

People were wondering about the condition of the Athabasca River through our area last week, when the same river was swamping downtown Fort McMurray. It was high, was what we were told, but not threatening to do any damage to people’s homes. Smith was high and dry, as it always is. The river was fairly high through the Town of Athabasca, but as far as we know stayed in its normal course. The problems were much further downstream.
The fire chief told us last week the M.D. was keeping an eye on various creeks and rivers, but hadn’t seen anything too alarming by that date. The M.D. says its last ‘night shift’ on bridge watch was April 27/28. On the 28th most streams were noticeably down and the danger period appeared to be over.

Here’s a weird thing. For a week or so a blue rubber glove had been in the gutter near our office. We even took a photo of it and ran it in the paper, along with a story about how rubber glove litter can clog up sewage pumps. A few days later? The blue glove was gone and in its place was an orange one! Orange is the new blue?
You are probably wondering: ‘Why didn’t you just pick the thing up and put it in the garbage?’

There are some decent jokes coming out of the circumstances we’re in, and here’s one of them: ‘The COVID-19 pandemic situation has been especially stressful for flat-earthers. They’re worried all that social distancing might push someone over the edge.’

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