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Remember the big toilet paper shortage crisis of March, 2020? That was nuts! We’re much smarter now than we were then, so nothing like that is going to happen again, is it?

How are we feeling this week about people who refuse to put their shopping carts where they belong? They block parking spots. They move around when the wind is strong, sometimes denting parked vehicles. There is no law against it, and no punishment for such laziness and inconsideration for your fellow shopper. But it sure would be nice if people would stop doing it.

It’s nice to see some outdoor team sports stuff starting to happen again. There’s a bit of a risk involved, but if basic precautions are taken, it should be okay. Of course the dreaded ‘second-wave’ of COVID infections could well take place, because not all people are being as careful as they could be and should be. The evidence is there in every park and playground.

Speaking of re-opening, or ‘business as usual,’ we notice some churches in Slave Lake resumed regular services on the past couple of Sundays, but not all of them. A member of one of the congregations told us at her church attendance had actually gone up during the period of holding services online!

Oh well, we could be in Calgary, with ice ball holes punched in our windows and paint or siding stripped off our houses. All the best to our fellow Albertans down there as they attempt to recover from yet another natural disaster. It will be good for the auto-body shops, at least, as a friend of The Leader pointed out just the other day.

How about a football program at Roland Michener School in Slave Lake? Apparently there’s a story, but it has to wait a bit. The guy promoting it is waiting for the green light from the authorities before pushing ahead with it. Football is notoriously expensive; but it’s also a lot of fun and would likely be popular with the students.

E.W. Pratt in High Prairie has had a boys’ football team the past few years, playing in a Peace Country league. RF Staples in Westlock has a team. How about Athabasca? The best we could find online is a story announced the end of football at Edwin Parr Composite in 2017.

Harry Bartlett tells us Roland Michener (or was it EG Wahlstrom back then?) had a football team for a short while. He remembers Frank Boisvert as being a stand-out player for the Rams, but that didn’t stop them from getting beat something like 95 – 6 by a team from Grande Prairie. The program only lasted as long as the teacher who organized it was in town.
Stay tuned….

Is somebody missing a crutch? We found one leaning against the wall by The Leader office the other day and were speculating on what might have happened. Stolen? Who steals a crutch? Abandoned by somebody whose bum leg suddenly felt a lot better? Anyway, as of this writing it was still there, waiting to be claimed.

The case of the found crutch.

Eiserman Meats in Slave Lake is open seven days a week, not whatever hours we mistakenly reported in a recent article. Sorry about that!

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