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Gordon Ferguson Sr. was running around town last week showing off (and in some cases giving away) his vine-ripened tomatoes. Impressive stuff and very tasty! Got any green tomatoes? asked one of the people in the office. ‘Oh, about 300,’ says Gord. Apparently frying up green tomatoes is a thing, and not just in the movies. By the way, Gord says he’s not going to bother with the farmers’ market method of tomato sales this year; he’ll just sell them out of the greenhouse.

Speaking of meetings, it is downright handy to be able to sit in on them from the comfort of your office or home. The Town of Slave Lake’s Municipal Planning Commission meetings, for example; they happen at an inconvenient time and we had never attended one. Now that they are available on the town’s Youtube channel – nothing easier than to fire it up during office hours and listen to what’s going on. The same goes for council meetings and probably all sorts of other things. We’re not saying it is exciting stuff….. but there is often some news to be gleaned from these things.

The high school graduation supplement to last week’s Leader turned out pretty well, if we do say so ourselves. It was a nice way to recognize the grads and we certainly appreciate the chance to show off what we can do. (Notwithstanding the odd mistake. Sorry!).

‘Ten lives for everyone!’ That’s a bit of graffiti someone spray painted on the paved trail in Slave Lake recently. Why is it worth mentioning? Because it’s different! Graffiti usually runs the gamut from ‘$#@ this!’ to ‘$#@! that!’ and is ineffective for being so unimaginative, and frankly boring. So although we can’t say we approve of spraying paint on somebody else’s property, at least it is refreshing to see something different and not vulgar for a change. We have no idea what ‘Ten lives for everyone’ means, but that’s beside the point. Whoever put it there probably wants to baffle people anyway, and has apparently succeeded.

There’s some outrageous stuff going on out there, and here’s another example. McLennan RCMP are asking for help in solving a theft of approximately 10,000 litres of fuel (by siphoning!) from various work vehicles at a highway construction site. That sounds like a lot of work, but somebody was obviously willing and able to pull it off. The site was on Hwy. 2 near Hwy. 747.

Microsoft decided it was time to do some updates on the office computer and suddenly the only available web browser is Bing and everything looks different. Oh well, as long as it works, why should we care which gigantic corporation benefits from our online activity. Anyhoo, we ‘binged’ (can’t say ‘googled’ if it’s not Google) ‘Slave Lake’ and up came an article on our town saying it is 255 kilometres (124 miles) from Edmonton. Doesn’t sound quite right. The kilometre distance is okay but 124 miles sounds fishy.

At The Leader we’re all for not using more words than necessary to get the point across. That sounds simple but it isn’t. Here’s an example of a word that is usually unnecessary clutter: ‘collaboratively,’ as in ‘working collaboratively with.’ If you are working with someone, isn’t collaboration implied? Of course it is. Get rid of ‘collaboratively,’ please. It is just taking up space and not adding anything important. It’s about as necessary as adding ‘in the morning,’ when you’ve already said ‘7 a.m.’

Peace River-Westlock Member of Parliament Arnold Viersen is looking for nominations for what he calls ‘Community Heroes’ in his most recent newsletter. These are people, organizations or businesses that have “gone above and beyond to make the lives of others better during the COVID-19 crisis.” Nominations can be submitted online at Minus the period at the end, of course.

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