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Court is back in session, but being held in High Prairie instead of Slave Lake. However, people are still responsible for their criminal charges and traffic tickets.
Unfortunately, many people failed to attend court on July 29. Warrants were issued on the day for three people and warrants for 32 other people will be held until dates in August and September.

Stealing canola? What next! Apparently somebody has been doing it, according to news reports. It may or may not have to do with canola shoots being good eating.
Anyway, there’s an old joke from farm country that goes something like this: a guy gets sent to jail for five days for stealing wheat from a field for something to eat. He asks his cell-mate how long he’s in for. Five years, says the guy. ‘What for?’ He asks. ‘Rape,’ says the cell-mate.
‘Wow,’ says the wheat thief. ‘You must have eaten the whole field!’

In other mysterious news, your Page 9 writer got back to work after a week off to find all sorts of notes scribbled on his notepad. Okay, just out of curiosity, which one of you was making notes at my desk? Denials from everyone else in the office. ‘Nope, not me!’ from one and all. So who was it? Nobody knows. A ghost?

Speaking of ghosts, how about this item? An acquaintance in Edmonton was telling us the other day about a ‘filter’ on her phone that shows a ghostly aura around human shapes when the phone’s camera detects them. What the purpose of this is we can’t say for sure, but the story goes she was scanning the Mount Pleasant Cemetery with her phone one day recently, when a human image popped up in the frame. Only nobody was there…… Make of that what you will.

Bring on the playoffs! Okay, that was written before the weekend. Now they’re on and either they are proceeding as hoped, or – as in the case of Major League Baseball – there has been some sort of COVID-induced glitch. Go Oilers!

FYI, your VIC (Visitor Information Centre) at Slave Lake is open for business seven days a week over the summer. We learned this from a helpful attendant named Ashley. Hours are generally 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday, except until eight on Friday. On Sundays it’s open noon to 4 p.m. There’s no gift shop this year.

How about NHL hockey in front of zero fans? How does it grab you? Our view so far: when the puck is on McDavid’s stick, the game could be happening the middle of the Gobi Desert and nobody would notice.

Mustang Mach-E SUV. Sound familiar? It’s a new electric vehicle Ford is coming out with. Revolution Ford in Slave Lake plans to start selling them late this year or early next, and along with the certification to service them, they will be installing a charging station. General manager Chad Babiy says expect that to be available also late in 2020.
“We’re kind of excited,” he says. “It should be the first one of its kind in town.”
What the dealership isn’t sure about yet is whether the charging station will be available for the use of the general public – as opposed to just owners of the new Ford EV. “We haven’t even done the numbers yet,” he says.
Stay tuned…

July 30 was World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. The Alberta government’s nine point plan is available on its website.

The recent wildfire updates haven’t referenced the McMillian Fire, which is from last year but still considerd active. Wildfire Information Officer Leah Lovequist says this is because it is in the midst of being infrared scanned. This is done from the air. The scanners pick up hot spots that may not be showing any visible signs of being there.

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