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On April 12, Walmarts across Canada started requiring people to wear masks while inside the store.

Judy Kubel stopped by the office on Aug. 10 to let us know her grandson had scored two goals in the NHL playoffs. That would be newsworthy enough (How many Slave Lake residents have grandchildren in professional sports?), but even more so because Nicolas Aube-Kubel of the Philadelphia Flyers was born in Slave Lake. His two goals against the Tampa Bay Lighting helped the Flyers earn top seed in the Eastern Conference for the next round of playoffs.

Bear season is here, or almost here. Bear season of course means the time of year that black bears wander into town, or into campgrounds or rural properties or anywhere and everywhere they think they might find something to eat. Mostly it’s wild berries, which happen to grow along water ways, which happen to run through villages, towns and other places people occupy. So the inevitable encounters, most of which do not go bad. A bear charged somebody at a well site the other day, we heard. And reports are surfacing of sightings here and there.
So far, no bears have shown up in downtown barbershops, as happened in Slave Lake in 2019.
Don’t count on your dog to keep a bear at bay. As a rule bears aren’t afraid of dogs. And a dog that might bark at anything from behind glass can turn into a mouse when there’s a bear in the vicinity and no protection. So instead of the dog being between you and the bear, it ends up being you between the bear and the doggie cowering behind you.

They’re back! Bear scat last week on the Allarie Trails in Slave Lake.

So…what else is happening? (The question you never stop asking when you are in the news business). Answer: not much. Apparently there are a lot of decks being built. A deck is a thing that can get a lot of use. It starts with barbecuing and goes from there. Barbecuing on your deck is not intended primarily as a public service, but it does serve that purpose, as being one of the nicer smells in a neighbourhood. Plus, a neighbour at the barbecue is usually in a good mood, however grumpy he might be otherwise. So there you go: decks, plus barbecues makes for a friendlier world.

All the best to Gilwood Golf Club in finding a new manager to fill in for the rest of the season. This is what they are facing after the tough, tough loss of Tony Griffi halfway through his second season as the Gilwood boss. Condolences to his family and everybody who knew and loved him.

Speaking of wild berries, they happen to grow in sandy, piny country, which is also where people in ATVs like to tear around. It’s all good fun and harmless enough, but pretty much every time an ATV goes off an existing trail in that sand dune country, another blueberry patch gets ruined.

August 25 & 26, AHS Community Helpers Program is offering free suicide prevention and awareness training at the Slave Lake Friendship Centre. To register call Devin at 780-849-3039.

New Slave Lake Rotary Club President Alicia Vonder Muhll dropped in last week for a ‘Faces of Rotary’ interview. While she was here she let slip that the group is teaming up with the SL Childcare Society to put on a “colour fun run,” on Sept. 12. Registration details are yet to be worked out, but they will show in the usual places.

This just in from Harry Bartlett of the Slave Lake Rotary Club: the NHL pandemic playoff pool is all set with 644 entries. All the data has been entered at, but as of late last week when Harry called, the entries were still being checked for inaccuracies.
After the preliminary round of games, he said, some of the entries had lost all 16 of their players, having gambled on certain teams (coughOilerscough) that did not survive. On the other hand, some entries made it through the first round with 16 players.

Hey, good luck to Murray Packolyk in his new business venture! You can read all about it on Page 24 in his ad.

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