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In case anyone is new to the area, the ‘beach road’ which is the gravel road from Devonshire Beach to the day use area west of Gilwood Golf Course and Country Club has some nice views of the lake. Not as scenic as Marten Mountain Viewpoint, but enjoyable nonetheless. Also, there are several places to park and relatively easy access to the beach and lake.

It’s funny how people’s minds sometimes automatically translate words into a different form. At the 4H shooting instruction the other week, the instructor said trapshooting, but this ended up translated to skeet shooting – which apparently is an American term for the sport.

‘Spot the Canuk spelling’
Because people in the Leader office spend too much time around words. We came up with a little game to test our readers knowledge of Canadian spelling.
Can you find all 20 Canadian spellings which differ from American in the following nonsense story? How about the one Canadian spelling that is different from the British? Also, there is also a two-word phrase which Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines as U.S. informal. (Hint: only one word ends with ‘our’).
‘On a sombre grey morning, a pedlar in pyjamas scarfed down his breakfast so he could leave for the theatre. He wanted to enrol in classes and had the course catalogue, his licence and a cheque on the table. He got ketchup in his moustache. He tried to pour a litre of syrup into a pancake mould, but he hit left of centre. The manoeuvre ended in a disaster. He spilled syrup on his licence, cheque and catalogue. He dropped the pitcher with a clangour. Asked why, he didn’t have the spectre of a defence. However, were it to go to court a skilful defence lawyer could keep him out of jail for the offence.’ (Please see Page 17 for answers).

The War Amps 2020 key tags will be arriving soon in peoples’ mailboxes. This is one of the main fundraisers for this organization which supports amputees of all ages with the cost of artificial limbs, peer support and information on living with a missing limb.

Everyone is welcome to the Homeless Coalition meeting at 10 a.m. on Thursday, August 27 at the Slave Lake Native Friendship Centre.

September is almost upon us.
Keepers of the Athabasca’s final free lunch and information session is ‘Where’s my Power’ at the Slave Lake Native Friendship Centre on September 3. It is from noon to 3 p.m. To allow social distancing and health precautions, participants are asked to register by calling the Friendship Centre at 780-849-3039.

September 9 is Fetal Alcohol Syndrom Disorder (FASD) awareness day. There may be some events in town to mark this day, if not it’s a good reminder that pregnant women should not drink or do drugs as this could hurt their unborn baby.

With stay-cations the norm, there will likely not be many photos of the Leader in exotic places. Instead, here’s Leader reporter Pearl Lorentzen on her first successful fishing trip. She caught it by the weir. She says the walleye was delicious.

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