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Starting on Aug. 29, No Frills requires masks across Canada. Unfortunately, this information wasn’t accessible to Leader staff until after the Aug. 26 paper, so here it is.
The corporation announced this on social media, but not on the store’s website or the app. Also, when did social media become more official than official websites?

Starting September 8, the Big Lakes Bus will once again be traveling between Joussard, Grouard, Enilda, Kinuso, and Faust and Slave Lake or High Prairie depending on the day of the week. There’s also one Grande Prairie run a month.
Advanced booking is required.

The Slave Lake Regional Library is looking for two new members at large to sit on the board. The board runs the Rotary Club of Slave Lake, Smith and Flatbush libraries. Applications are available at the library. Call manager Kendra McRee at 780-849-5250.

So, how was your week off? Could have been worse. A nice drive to Wainwright for a surgical procedure was part of it. Why Wainwright? It turns out if you want it in Edmonton, you might have to wait months, because all the operating rooms there are so busy. ORs in other communities away from the big city aren’t nearly as busy, so some surgeons book spots there. A long drive, but better than waiting six months. And you get to see a new part of the province. Wainwright would be a lot like hundreds of other prairie towns, except for the nearby military base. Greenish vehicles are all over the place. There’s a tank in a town park. Alongside one edge of CFB Wainwright is a paved recreational trail that is accessible to the community (it could go all the way around for all we know), probably paid for by the federal government. Trucks carrying big shiny new tanks going down the highway. People in uniform in the lineup for coffee at McDonald’s. That sort of thing. And The Leader is printed in town!

Summer is on the wane…..frost will soon be on the pumpkin. Or would be if the darn things would grow in the first place. Some gardeners of course have the magic formula and get nice squash every year. What you hope for around this time of year is that first frost won’t quite make it; maybe it’ll just get down to one above freezing and then two or three weeks of mild weather will follow, ripening everything up nicely.

Speaking of gardening, some people have noticed an absence of bees this summer; with that comes a shortage of pollination. In other gardens, bees have been seen buzzing merrily away. Is it strictly a local phenomenon?

Leo Tanghe of Canyon Creek tells us he’s got ‘bush medicine’ that is good against flu-like ailments, not to mention many other medical conditions. But someone, he says, is not happy about what he’s doing or claiming to do with his traditional healing practice and has even threatened him over it! It’s difficult to know what to make of all this, but we certainly wish him the best.
Tanghe’s business is called ‘9 Eagle Feathers Inc.’

The Municipal Planning Commission approved two new reiki practices for Slave Lake recently. It’s good to have choice.

A Telus guy was in the vacant space next door last week, making weird Twilight Zone noises. Turned out it was from a phone line detector. Then he came over to our side and ran his detector around the walls, making more strange sounds.
‘Phone lines everywhere,’ he said.
That’s nice to know, but what are they doing over there? We’ll have to get back to you on it.

The farmers market in Slave Lake has its drawbacks, but people sure do like to buy fruits and veggies and will line up to do it. Get there early or do without is the word on the street. So we did, last Friday and sure enough, at six minutes after the opening bell, the line was halfway across the parking lot.
The good news is the market has added two more Fridays to its summer schedule – this one coming right up and the next one.
Megan McNeil, the chief organizer of the whole shebang, said the decision was made due to the weather being so nice lately (knock on wood, etc.) and the weather having been so lousy for a couple of the ones held earlier in the summer. Good luck and happy marketing!

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