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Northern Lakes College is holding two online Alberta Culture Days events on Sept. 16 and 23. At 4 p.m. on both days, Stan Isadore will speak about Exploring Indigenous Traditions and Teachings. Isadore lives in Slave Lake and is a member of Driftpile Cree Nation.
The college is also offering a Cree language class in October. The times, costs, and other details are available on the continuing education portion of its website.

As of September 9, the Slave Lake Native Friendship Centre asks everyone entering the centre to wear a mask. It also is not allowing children at this time. There are masks and hand sanitizer available at both the front door and the food bank.
The Slave Lake food bank is now offering taxi rides home after food pickup and school snacks two weeks after the original order. The details are on the application.

September 10 was World Suicide Prevention Day. In his remarks on the occasion, Premier Jason Kenney said, “More Albertans die of suicide every year than die in motor vehicle collisions.”
Sept. 22 and 23 from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., the Slave Lake Native Friendship Centre has free mental wellness and suicide awareness training for community members. Contact Devon at 780-849-3039 to register.

Maybe this should be a separate news story, but it is very short. Slave Lake RCMP are looking for a stolen ATV, not to mention whoever stole it from a yard in the southeast part of town on the morning of Aug. 24. It’s a red Honda quad, licence plate # JLW84.

Rumour has it….. the empty commercial space next to The Leader office was getting some attention recently. We may have mentioned it. Now it looks as though a new business will be opening in there. We’ll get to the bottom of it and do a story. And no sooner do we mention it than Cory Emes and his crew showed up and started getting the place ready.
Speaking of new businesses, we looked into the Dollarama space the other day and it was still completely empty – not a shelf in sight. That might have changed by now.

We see in the High Prairie South Peace News that the rivals to the Slave Lake Icedogs are gearing up and feeling confident about their second season of Junior hockey. At least that’s the impression HP Red Wings’ coach Ryder Prue gives in the article in last week’s News. Bring it on! One other notable thing from the article is that Prue is saying the team will limit spectators to 200 per game, due to COVID risk reduction considerations. The last we heard from the Town of Slave Lake and the Icedogs, that number would be 100 allowed, tops, at hockey games in Slave Lake. Is the Ice Palace in HP that much roomier?

That fresh pavement at Hwy. 2 and Main St. makes you want to drive down there just for the pleasure of doing it, doesn’t it? How long will it last, though – that’s the question. Maybe somebody should start a pool.

We happen to know there are some die-hard fans of the Toronto Blue Jays in the area. With the Jays surging past the Yankees in the standings last week, a playoff position was looking possible. Is it time to start getting excited yet? Or is it too soon? Anyway, nobody can touch the Dodgers this season.

One of these days we’re going to get our Rotary NHL playoff pool picks right. If only we’d had more faith in the Dallas Stars and the Vegas Knights we’d been in really good shape. Our Tampa picks are doing well, but they are on a little island by themselves. We never saw the Islanders getting so far.

Has anybody spotted an albino moose around here? They are rare, but apparently more common than albino ravens, of which it is estimated there are only four in the whole world. How anyone would know that we have no idea and can’t even imagine.

As life gets back to normal, or at least the ‘new normal’, various fall activities are kicking off.
September 28 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., the Slave Lake and District Chamber of Commerce will once again be meeting. It will be a bit different with attendees registering and ordering their meals ahead of time. Also, it will be in the ballroom upstairs at the Slave Lake Inn and Conference Centre, instead of in the smaller rooms downstairs.

An Alberta government news release last Thursday, looked for all the world like a scam.
It was entitled ‘Will the owner of $900,000 please stand up?’
A communications person at the government of Alberta confirmed that it wasn’t a scam. The Unclaimed Property Registry was created in 2008.
The news release said one Albertan had the above amount of uncashed dividends. These dividends were some of the 278,885 unclaimed items. People can look for their name in It searches Alberta and 40 other state and provincial registries.

This just in from the Slave Lake Rotary, the extra yarn from the Rotary Club for Hats program can be used for any project, the seniors want. “They (the knitters and crocheters) are just so wonderful for doing this,” says rotarian Sheri Smears.

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