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Friends for Learning Fundraising Society has a new board, says president Karen Babiy, but fundraising will be different this year because of COVID-19. However, cookbooks are available at Cozy Toes and Revolution Ford in Slave Lake.

The Boreal Centre for Bird Conservation closes to the public for the winter tomorrow – October 1, says executive director Patti Campsall. However, the Lesser Slave Lake Bird Observatory is working on adapting programming for winter forest education to online or small scale outdoor programming elsewhere in Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park or at schools.

News out of Widewater: dirt has been added to the toboggan hill at the rec complex. ‘It looks pretty good!’ says our source. It came from the ditches along South Shore Drive. All we need now is snow!

George Kelham of Slave Lake Helicopters tells us he had a couple of his machines doing some acrobatic work for a large corporate client (which we won’t name because they apparently want to approve anything newsy before it goes to print). It involved dangling a platform from a helicopter above a tower up north, allowing workers to rig up some fibre optic cables – thus facilitating high-speed internet service to a remote community. George describes it as “pretty cool” stuff. His pilots, Danny Reagan and Aaron Roos, deserve a lot of the credit for the delicate operation.

We’ve mentioned before in this space how often the city of Airdrie shows up in RCMP news releases. It gives the impression of a town riddled with crime – which may not be fair. But the news isn’t all bad! Last week came a release entitled, ‘Airdrie RCMP receive pleasant surprise.’ What happened is officers, leaving the detachment out the back door, encountered a group of kids in the act of putting something under the wipers of the cruisers in lot. It was Tim Hortons gift cards.

It may be only a matter of days before those new bridges on Hwy. 88 are finished. The Lily Creek one looked all set for a concrete pour last time we went past. Of course it’s hard to tell how much there is left to do, unless you’re some kind of bridge construction expert. Such expertise is lacking in The Leader office, believe it or not. And then there’s no way of predicting anything about contractor scheduling. You could go broke pretty fast betting on that sort of thing.

You might think a dart board is not a very interesting thing to take a picture of – much less put such a photo in the paper. But in this case, the dart board represents the return of the game as a weekly activity at the Royal Canadian Legion in Slave Lake. There weren’t actually any darts being thrown when we dropped by on a recent Friday evening – but we’re confident people will come back and start having fun and socializing the way they did (but more safely) before COVID shut things down back in March.

Darts is back at the Slave Lake Legion.

Stop the presses! Last week’s paper said the Slave Lake Icedogs would start their season on Oct. 2. Due to COVID factors, that has been pushed back two weeks. So now look for the ‘Dogs to take the ice in their season-opener on Friday, Oct. 16, (opponent TBA).

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