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Apparently there are COVID-influenced uncertainties about when the Slave Lake Icedogs can start their regular season. At least that was the message last week. There was an expectation the matter would be settled by now. Maybe it has been. If so, we’ll pass on the news, whatever it is. The last we heard, they were hoping to start on Oct. 16.

If you’re wondering how Creative Goods & Co. is coming along next door to The Leader, all we can tell you is Cory, Brenna and crew have been hard at it for a few weeks now. By the sounds coming through the wall, the entire space is being re-done. We assume this means it’s going to look fabulous, but like everyone else, we’ll have to wait for the ‘big reveal,’ whenever that is. Soon, maybe.

Here’s the deal on the Rotary Club’s NHL playoff pool. The rules of running these things require the winning entries to be publicized. This gives participants a chance to challenge the results. In the meantime, the NHL is going over the playoff scoring stats with a fine-toothed comb, to make sure they got every scoring play right. After a few days (presumably of a team of minions looking at slow-mo replays), the league will proclaim the official set of results. That’s when the Rotary will start handing out cheques.
So for now, here are the top 10, as they appear at TUPPERNCE4, with 278 points, TPSQUARED4 (269), RENO1 (265), ZAMA2 (263), RAKIN’HAY (262), BIG ICETURDS (257), MARNER8 (256), DONKEY PUNCH2 (256), ROIBYN (254), STERNO and HAYBALES (tied at 250).
On a side note, the ‘Media Challenge’ portion of the playoff pool was won by (drum roll, please) LEADER 2, quite comfortably over one of the Eastlink entries. Better luck next time, fellows. Maybe we’ll finally get some competition from the radio folks next year as well.

Slave Lake’s Dairy Queen is encouraging customers to help it raise money for the Stollery Children’s Hospital this week. Part of the price of every Blizzard sold will go to that institution. The promotion runs from Oct. 5 through Oct. 11.

It’s been a pretty nice fall season for camping so far, and it may not be over yet. Is there a better season for spending time in the great outdoors, when temps are mild, the sun shines and the leaves are at their best? Maybe not. Hopefully the nice weather will give campground operators and others a chance to make up for some of the business lost during wet periods of the summer. We had quite a lot of that through June and July.

But never mind. Winter is coming. Some people like that season. Hotel operators, for example. They are usually at their busiest around here when it’s coldest.

Does anybody care anymore (did they ever?) about using the right words? You’re (you are) driving us nuts with using your (I.e. belonging to you) bad English on social media. There has to be a better way for people to conduct their (belonging to them) business. They’re (they are) not doing anyone any favours. And don’t even get us started on apostrophes. It’s (it is) not that complicated, although the one major exception to the rule rears its (possessive without the apostrophe ‘s’) ugly head often enough. Otherwise, simple plurals don’t get apostrophes. Apples, oranges, etc. Unless of course you make ‘em possessive plurals, as in “Gosh, those oranges’ skins are the wrong colour!”
Thank you. We’ll close the door on our way out.

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