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Late fall and winter is the time to prune elms. Alberta has an elm pruning ban from April 1 to September 30.
Back in June, Andy Maddex brought this information to The Leader and Town of Slave Lake’s attention. Last week, the town sent out a notice which closed with “All tree trimming is being done under industry standards and in compliance with legislation, including the pruning of elm trees.”
It appears the town got the message.

Plenty of ice! That’s what we’re hearing from the staff at the MRC in Slave Lake. Ice is available for rentals. The second ice surface is (or was then) pretty much un-booked and they want to get the word out. As for the terms…. Give them a call. 780-849-8028.

What’s new this week? Early signs of winter, with snow or the threat of it hanging over the scene. In fact it had held off nicely and as of the 16th of October there still hadn’t been a half-decent night of frost in the area, nor a single flake of snow that stuck. Except maybe in higher elevations. The wetness over the Thanksgiving weekend we could have done without, but on the whole it’s been a pretty good fall. That’s as of this writing, of course. By the time you read this we could have a foot of the white stuff.
A lot of people, facing the cold season, start thinking of things to look forward to. It’s going to be a tough year in that respect; there’ll be a lot less snowbirding, for one thing.
So what about here at home? It might be a good year to get back to basics, which might mean good old fashioned made-in-Canada winter activities. Curling, for example! League curling in Slave Lake starts this week.
Local hockey should be pretty good, with Year 2 of the Junior Icedogs underway. That’s good entertainment for the price of admission, which this year is by season ticket only.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…. Watching the NHL on TV is not going to be possible for another two or three months, and even then, nobody knows yet how it is going to work. Cross-border issues have to be figured out, for one thing. Major League Baseball dealt with it by having the Blue Jays play their home games in Buffalo New York. It’s unlikely that would work for Canadian NHL teams. But we’re straying outside our jurisdiction here. We’ll bring you the SL minor hockey story as it develops.

These days you have to register for everything. No showing up on the day of the event. An example is a ‘family snowshoe’ event the Town of Slave is holding on Dec. 12. An even better example is free public skating at the arena. For COVID reasons, the town needs to keep a tighter control on who participates and has decided it can best do this by getting people to sign up ahead of time.

Styrofoam came up at a town council meeting the other day. It apparently can’t be recycled here, because it’s too costly.
In fact it can be recycled, but only in a few locations in the country. Another thing about it is that what most people call ‘Styrofoam’ is probably not. Styrofoam is a brand name for a polystyrene product used mainly in construction. All the other foam packaging may resemble Styrofoam, but isn’t. However, it will probably continue to be the default term for foamy plastic stuff. Whatever you call it, you probably shouldn’t put it out for curbside pick-up with the other recyclable plastic.

The latest from the Chamber of Commerce is there will be a Santa Claus parade for Moonlight Madness. Yay! Save the date: Nov. 20. Something to look forward to.

Jana and Bruce McDonald have been out busking for food bank donations lately.

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