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We continue to monitor the progress on the two Hwy. 88 bridge projects. And by that we mean drive past about once per week, noting that the scene looks pretty much the same as it did the week before. However, things are happening. Last time by, it looked as if a device for warming freshly-poured concrete was set up. Can’t be long now……can it?

How about this for a little office mystery. Notes keep showing up on the editor’s desk and nobody in the office knows anything about them. The latest discovery; ‘Call SL Inn, call pedicures Wednesday morning, call Boston Pizza.’ Nobody can figure it out where it came from. Nobody recognizes the writing style. Nobody can imagine calling a pedicurist. Nobody is even sure if that’s what you call somebody who does pedicures. The truth is out there. Somebody knows something….

So….Rays and Dodgers in the World Series. Per script. Condolences to super Braves’ fan Harry B. They actually looked as if they were going to pull it off. Dodgers vs. Rays. Any predictions? Preferences?
It sure would be nice to see some real people in the stands. Even a few hundred. Surely they could do that without putting them at too much risk? The NFL is doing it.

The weather will not be discussed in this week’s Page 9, under any circumstances. There’s been far too much of that sort of talk and we’re putting a stop to it. If Mark Twain could do it, so can we. Here’s the exact quote: “No weather will be found in this book. This is an attempt to pull a book through without weather. It being the first attempt of the kind in fictitious literature, it may prove a failure, but it seemed worth the while of some dare-devil person to try it, and the author was in just the mood.”
What does that leave? The economy? Done to death! Politics? Let’s see what Twain had to say about politicians. It shouldn’t be too hard to find….
“Fleas can be taught nearly anything that a congressman can.”
That’s a bit harsh, though. And we don’t even have congressmen here. How about religion, Mr. Twain? Maybe next time.
Golf? “A good walk ruined.”
By the way, our ears tell us golf (the kind without walking) has resumed at Chad Caron’s Golf Shack, located behind the Rexall and also behind the new Creative Goods & Co.

Six hundred toques! That’s how many the ladies (Are they all ladies? Is that a safe assumption?) at the seniors’ lodge in Slave Lake knitted to give away. We were invited over a couple of times to take a photo, but both were canceled due to illness. The picture may or may not happen, but no doubt the toques will be donated. Nice work! We were looking forward to it because 600 toques in one place is something you don’t see very often, if ever. Maybe at an Edmonton Eskimos game in November.

The Rotary Club’s cash raffle – as noted already in this space – is off and running, with tickets purchasable only online. So no ticket table at Canadian Tire (or wherever) as in a normal year. Instead, is where to conduct your business. But only if you have an Alberta residence! Those are the rules, for whatever reason. Sales run to Dec. 4, with the draw scheduled for Dec. 9. The winner’s prize is a minimum of $4,000, and could be as much as $10,000, depending on ticket sales.

How long are people waiting these days for COVID test results to come back? There are people coming down with the sniffles and wondering if they should be staying home. Tough situation!
We don’t have any advice on it, except to try not to breathe on your co-workers, sanitize etc. etc.
But it is tricky. If everybody who feels a tickle in their throat goes home for two weeks, things might grind to a halt.
Then there’s the question of how effective masks really are. Better than nothing, surely.

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