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We like the idea of people coming out on their front doorsteps at a certain time of a certain day and ringing bells. But where are these bells coming from? Do people have bells lying around, waiting for ringing?
What’s proposed is to do it at 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve. Let’s see what happens! And thanks to Becky Scott for initiating the conversation on this. It’s not much, but it is a community sort of event with not much risk involved. Watch out for those slippery steps, though.

What would be nice to have around here is a long skating trail of some kind. But where to do it and how to maintain it are not easy questions to answer. The lake is an obvious location, but difficult and impractical for all kinds of reasons.

And in case you haven’t picked up this news already, the rec centre in Slave Lake is closed for every kind of activity, including the walking/running track, until further notice. Susan’s Kitchen is still in business though, with curbside pickup and delivery. There’s a story about it on Page 2.

Speaking of walking, it is an activity important to quite a few people who rely on it for daily exercise. When the weather gets bad – not to mention the footing – the track at the MRC fieldhouse is a great alternative to walking outdoors.
Readers may remember a story we did a couple of years ago about a group of Swan River First Nation elders who were using the field house track as part of an exercise and nutrition program that was making a big difference in their lives.
We tried to check in to see how that program is going, but didn’t get a call back on it.

We didn’t get the memo on this one, but somebody who showed up in a photo in the High Prairie South Peace News last week looks a lot like former Lakeside Leader employee Crystal Bois. Her name in the caption is Crystal Tremblay, and she apparently is working for FCSS for the M.D. of Smoky River. Good for her! Mind you, she’s wearing a mask in the photo, so we could be mistaken.

Are there any fans of the TV quiz show Jeopardy out there? The clock is ticking on poor old Alex Trebek as host. Of course he died a couple of months ago, but had taped enough episodes, so they say, to last out the year. It’s kind of weird to hear him say things like: ‘Just two weeks to Christmas!’ when you know he died in early November. Jeopardy, we assume, will continue with a new host.

We once did a series of stories in The Leader called ‘Avid Readers.’ It lasted about six episodes and then we ran out of recommendations. It was fun and we think (hope) it was interesting to read and we’d like to do more. Recommendations are what we need.
Nominations or what have you. And it doesn’t matter at all what sort of books you enjoy reading. All it takes is a willingness to say what you read and why you like it. How it’s influenced or improved your life if it has and things along those lines. What’s so great about books? Let us know!

There sure are a lot of pretty lights around, bringing a nice festive feeling to the otherwise wintry scenes and very short days.
We’ve been going around trying to take pictures of them often on foot. This entails often walking in the middle of the street because it’s often the only place you can be sure isn’t slippery. Other people are doing it too. That makes for the usual bad combination of vehicles and pedestrians, so be careful out there.

‘Pray for snow!’ says the mayor. A few days later we wake up to three or four inches of fresh stuff, with more coming down. Is there something to this? However, there’s still not enough out there to make the snowmobilers happy.

What passes for excitement around here during our COVID semi-lockdown? Let’s see. One day last week we shifted one of the cubicle walls. In the process we uncovered about 10 years’-worth of dust bunnies. Very exciting, as you can imagine.
The other big news from your local newspaper office is those sticky fly-catcher things we put up have actually reduced the fruit-fly population down to tolerable levels. Those little %$$#ers are quite fond of coffee grounds, by the way.

Slave Lake Pet Planet, the Alberta SPCA, and Kali’s Wish have a ‘pet ornament’ campaign to raise funds to prevent animal cruelty and neglect and to support pet owners and their pets with cancer.

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