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Did you know the fee for leaving fluorescent light tubes at the regional landfill (the Lesser Slave Lake one, at least) is 40 cents per tube? That was news to us, until we called there recently to ask if they take them. The reason for the charge has to do with the mercury the tubes contain. It is hazardous stuff and takes a bit of processing to be dealt with properly. In other words, the tubes can’t just be chucked into the landfill as they are.

We were pleased to meet the man behind a lot of the Slave Lake RCMP news releases a couple of weeks ago. He has the same surname as one of the great big men in NBA history, namely George Mikan of the Minneapolis Lakers, who toiled on the hardwood in the 1940s and 1950s. Michael Mikan (the police officer) had never heard of big George. Mikan, by the way, is a Croatian name and is pronounced ‘Meekan.’

One thing we do every year is feature the donations the Slave Lake Royal Purple makes to community groups. Usually we have photographs of each of the cheque presentations, but this time around no photos were taken. We do have the information though. There were a dozen donations, totaling $10,000:
CJ Schurter School – $800 for Kindness Counts; EG Wahlstrom School – $800 for basketball equipment; Slave Lake Native Friendship Centre – $800 for Santas Anonymous and Christmas hampers; SL Hospital Auxiliary – $1,000 for a birthing bed; Koinonia Christian School – $900 for computers and gym equipment; Lakeside Outreach School – $800 for learning space; Roland Michener School – $900 for rocking chairs and computers; St. Francis School – $800 for photography equipment; St. Mary of the Lake School – $800 for archery equipment; Vanderwell lodge – $1,000 for the seniors’ bus and $800 for craft supplies and Christmas gifts.

Austin Mood-Flagg, ex of the Slave Lake Icedogs was back home for the holidays from Waldorf University in Iowa and we ran into him just before Christmas. He’s having a great time with hockey and school, he said, although the team isn’t doing all that well. The Waldorf Warriors played 10 of the 18 games they were hoping to get in before Christmas, losing nine of them. One of the canceled games was a Nov. 8 meeting with Dakota College at Bottineau, which just happens to be where Slave Laker Blake Carpenter is playing.
Austin says he’s keen to get back at it after the break. He’s studying business at the college, which is located in Forest City Iowa.

Local runner (and dog-walker) Peter Block was telling us the other day about renowned ultra-marathoner Al Howie. Howie did outrageous things, such as running all the way across Canada (took him 72 days) and competing in and winning ultra marathons all over the place in the 80s and 90s. And his first marathon victory? Slave Lake Alberta in 1982! There’s even a photo of him doing it, in the Wikipedia article. Apparently, Howie ran all the way from Calgary to compete in the Riverboat Daze marathon that year. After winning it, he ran back to Calgary. That’s the kind of guy he was.

Al Howie taking the lead at the 1982 Riverboat Daze marathon. Photo; DB Jared

Hey, thanks to the friendly folks at Manitoulin Transport in Slave Lake we have a couple of nice 2021 wall calendars at The Leader.

We received a book recommendation the other day from Jana McDonald: It’s The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. Thanks!

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