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What’s the deal with motorhomes/holiday trailers parked on Slave Lake streets for extended periods of time? Those things take up a lot of space, sometimes interfering with both street and sidewalk traffic and present visibility problems. So we’ve been hearing from various sources around town. Mark Becker, Slave Lake’s senior peace officer says the 72-hour rule applies in both cases. With the RV trailers, they can be on the street but have to be attached to a vehicle. If you have a complaint, you can call 780-849-8014.
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With one thing and another, the last weekend of August was a very busy one. We’re guessing (because it hasn’t happened as of this writing) that the long weekend will also be jam-packed with activities. But probably not as packed as the Aug. 26 weekend, because organizations tend not to schedule their events for long weekends, for obvious reasons. Also obvious is that SHARA (Smith-Hondo Fall Fair and Rodeo) isn’t one of those! But getting back to the last weekend of August, the big Wayne Gretzky thing in Slave Lake drew a lot of people, as expected. But that didn’t stop others from putting on a Great Trail celebration on the river on the same day, the Rod & Gun Club from holding an archery shoot (see photo on Page 18), the Boreal Centre for Bird Conservation from holding a geology event for kids (see Page 15), a local church from having a golf tournament fundraiser and probably half a dozen other things we haven’t heard about.
What’s next? When we find out we’ll let you know.
* * * * *
What else is new? School is back this week, and there will be some new faces on the staffs. One we’ve heard about is John Jette, the new principal of St. Mary of the Lake School.
Then with Moses Garaba gone (to Zimbabwe!), the Lakeside Outreach is probably going to have a new principal this year. We’ll pop over someday soon and find out who it is.
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People might wonder what all the fuss is about when it comes to noxious and prohibited weeds in Alberta. One reason is they are bad for agricultural crops and in some cases bad for livestock. Another is when they get loose they can and do choke out native species. One of the nastiest in this latter regard is the Himalayan balsam. If it is allowed to go unchecked it can take over large areas, out-competing everything else and making it hard if not impossible to stop.
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Thanks to Murray Kerik for giving us a little tour around the French Creek area last week. Not a lot has changed, it seems, since the last time we visited (which was either four or seven years ago, depending on which election was coming up), but a few more longtime farmers have sold out and moved. This is a trend that has been going on for some time.
On the other hand, there are a certain number of new or ‘new-ish’ acreage owners that have moved in. But the ‘traditional’ family farm situation seems to be in decline. It’s being replaced by bigger, more mechanized operations. However the Kerik place seems to be thriving. Beef prices are decent and more and better equipment plays a role. So does family members pitching in.
What else did we learn? Oh yeah – Rick McKnight has built a cabin in the woods he is renting out. He calls it ‘Touchwood Wilderness Retreat.’ You can find it online and have a look at the photos.
* * * * *
Harry Bartlett tells us the Rotary Club’s Grey Cup pool is 75 per cent sold out as of this week. You might wonder how he knew last week (when he told us) what the figure would be this week. All we can say is it’s part of the Bartlett mystique. We don’t question it.
* * * * *
The High Prairie South Peace News had some interesting features last week on the opening of a time capsule from 1967 in that community. Lesser Slave Lake MLA Danielle Larivee took part in the ceremony. In her remarks, she said, “There was only one television channel, and it goes without saying nobody was walking around with a computer in their pocket.”
Another quote from Larivee on what was going on 50 years ago: “The 1967 provincial election saw an upstart named Peter Lougheed and his Progressive Conservatives shake the foundation of the decades-old Social Credit dynasty.”



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