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February 24 is Pink Shirt Day, to stand against bullying. PINK stands for Positive Inviting Nurturing and Kind, says the poster at Smith School.

With Slave Lake and area mothers feeling isolated, Pam Hahn at Natural Strength Birth Services has started a weekly online support postpartum group. It is open to all mothers of babies in the area. People can sign up for six or 12 months. There is a fee. To register, contact [email protected]
Kristi Lebsack at The Birthing Advantage is also offering personal and group birth preparation courses online. She is also working on a five-day ‘thriving while pregnant in a pandemic’ event; more details to follow. She can be contacted through or on Facebook.

Local nonprofits that host performances, rodeos, or sports may be eligible for the Alberta government’s Stabilize Program – the application deadline is Feb. 18. The application is on

In yarn news, The Icelandic Review says that export of Icelandic lopi wool has increased 70 per cent during the pandemic. As Slave Lake has various knitting/crocheting groups, at least some Leader readers might be interested in this tidbit.

It seemed everybody and his dog was taking photos of the northern lights last week. Everybody except the Lakeside Leader, whose photographers tend not to be out late at night – especially when it’s 35 below! But well done to all those hardy folks who went out and took those spectacular photos.

It’s good to know people are reading the paper. Sometimes the responses are quite surprising; one item makes somebody happy, while another one is upsetting to somebody else.
In the latter case, it was a piece about a fatal accident. We get these reports in the form of news releases from the RCMP and usually put them in pretty much as written. It’s a sad business, but it’s a newspaper’s job to report this stuff. We trust the police to get the facts right, and as far as we know they usually do.

Big discovery of the week around here – something called ‘Radio Garden.’ It’s an online thing. Check it out. You get the globe with hundreds – maybe thousands – of green dots on it. Each one is a local radio station. Click on one and you can get what it is playing in Timbuktu, or wherever.

Does the name Thomas Moore ring any bells? He popped up in an online news story last week as being ‘a Slave Lake product,’ who was recently signed by the Melfort Mustangs of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League. If we had to guess….he was born here but played his minor hockey somewhere else. The somewhere else is not mentioned in the article, although it seems he did play AAA U18 in Spruce Grove earlier in the season.

Finding the largest church building in Alberta proved more challenging, than time permitted, but St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal is the largest church building in Canada. It was built from 1904 to 67.
The only other Canadian church on the list of largest churches in the world on Wikipedia is Basilica of St. John the Baptist in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador – built 1838 to 55.
The Guinness Book of World Records holder for small churches is a wayside chapel in Niagara Falls built in 1964. Alberta also has a tiny one in Drumheller.
Churches aren’t just buildings; there is also the congregation to think about.
Wikipedia also lists Centre Street Church in Calgary as the largest megachurch in Canada, with a weekly attendance of 7,000.

It seems counterintuitive to start thinking about forest fires at 40 below and snow blowing all around, but March 1 is the beginning of wildfire season in Alberta. This means permits are required for fires and fireworks. Also, say the forest protection folks, remember to check winter burns to make sure that the fires are out. The snow will not extinguish a fire. It can smoulder and flare up later.

Here’s another entry in the Town of Slave Lake’s Valentine Frost Fest colouring contest, by Ciara B.

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