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It’s getting hard to scrape up news for this page, with so little happening in the way of events, or even regular socializing. Social media starts playing an even bigger role, with its notable drawbacks. Mind you, in-person coffee shop gossip is not famous for its reliability either. But at least there was lots of it, once upon a time!
We’ve mentioned before how those brief encounters you have – at the post office or the supermarket or wherever – seem to be more enjoyable and meaningful than they ever used to be.

Slave Lake must be due for another feature film to be shot in this area. The first one happened over 100 years ago, during the Spanish flu epidemic. It was called ‘Back to God’s Country,’ and featured Canadian actress Nell Shipman, complete with a daring (for its time) and controversial nude scene. Then in the late 1970s, ‘The Silence of the North’ was partly filmed in the area. Since then? A few TV commercials were filmed on or around the lake. Not much else that we know of. Not counting of course ‘Hank Williams First Nation,’ which was shot somewhere in the area.

It sure is nice to see all the early pothole patching that has been going on, both in town and on the highways. It looks like people are getting right on it. It’s still rough, but not nearly as hard on a vehicle.

East Side Donair: You’ve probably seen the sign, like we did, and wonder when it will be open. We hear probably the first week of May.

The mysterious and elusive ‘Johnny Birdseed’ has been up to his tricks again, leaving bird food in various locations along the Allarie Trails in Slave Lake. A couple of weeks ago it was apples. Now there’s a mound of seeds on a stump, just begging to be eaten. Oddly enough, when we passed by the other day, the birds were avoiding it in droves. Or flocks, as the case may be. Thanks to Wayne Bowles for alerting us to it.

It’s that time of year again, when people start making plans for the next school year. For example, Lakeside Nursery School has an open house for parents of children who will be three or four for the school year starting this fall. These were on April 22 and April 23. To register your child for the fall, email [email protected] or call 780-849-4511.
Discovery Kid’s Playschool, the new playschool in Slave Lake, is also accepting registrations. To register, email [email protected]
Widewater playschool, run by South Shore Children’s Association, is full already.

On Thursday, April 29 (11 a.m. to noon), Swan River First Nation and the Lesser Slave Watershed Council have a free webinar called “Ecological Reconciliation – The Re-introduction of Traditional Plants, Foods and Spaces to the Swan River First Nation.” Register at,

It’s never too early to foster a love of reading. Kinuso School is currently doing a readathon.
“It is purely to encourage students to participate in and enjoy reading,” acting principal Jodi McMahon, told The Leader.

Recently, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School wrapped up a food drive for the food bank.
Currently, the Slave Lake Muslim Society has one during Ramadan. The drop boxes for donations are at Alimo’s Pizza, Cornerstone Shell, Speedee Mart, and Mary Brown’s.

Good news….. The Emes-Lukan Memorial Golf Tournament is tentatively scheduled to go ahead on July 24 of this year. It’s a charitable event, with the money going into a fund to be used for worthy local projects, as decided by the family members of the late Tyler Emes and Conner Lukan.
Posters with all the pertinent info are out and about, but if you can’t find one, email [email protected] Or you can check in with Gilwood Golf Club.

With Social Worker Week being online, Slave Lake organizers Mary Nyachieo and Gail Ungstad engaged with 200 social workers from Hinton to Lac La Biche (incl. Slave Lake and High Prairie).
They played a drawing quiz game and received care packages from the Alberta College of Social Workers.

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