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With COVID-19 restrictions easing, people are starting to think about planning events. Moe Mouallem, resident comedian, recently posted a survey on Facebook to gather information about a potential comedy festival. The link is available on Facebook under Moe Abdul-Aziz Mouallem on the Slave Lake and Area Community Information Board.

With the nice weather, bicycles are becoming more frequent additions on the Allarie Trails. There’s even a section which connects the Town of Slave Lake with Devonshire Beach in Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park. Unfortunately, there isn’t a bike rack at the beach, but the support poles for the stairs work in a pinch.
This brought to mind how few bike racks there are in Slave Lake. It might be an area for some improvement. Bike racks happen to be part of the downtown revitalization plan.

Lemonade Day is June 19 in Slave Lake. Keep your eyes peeled for young entrepreneurs and their small businesses. The event is sponsored by Community Futures and an Edmonton radio station.

June is Indigenous History Month. June 21 is National Indigenous Day.
Métis Fest 2021 will be Saturday, June 26 online. It is organized by the Métis Nation of Alberta head office, but might include some local jiggers, fiddlers, and musicians.

Seniors Week is the second week of June. Slave Lake long term care has various activities for residents, including a Father’s Day BBQ on Wednesday, June 16. Unfortunately, family members cannot attend; however, it is good to know that the residents have something fun to look forward to. The residents will also be gardening, although there is a need for a new raised bed.

Watch out! Travelling toilet making the rounds. If you see it, it’s a fundraiser for the Rotary Club of Slave Lake.

The Slave Lake Food Bank at the Slave Lake Native Friendship Centre has been busy. There’s a need for donations. Cash or cheque is preferred. To donate, go to the main office of the Friendship Centre.

Congratulations to Chris and the team at our sister paper, the High Prairie South Peace News, for once again crushing all the competition in the Best Sports Page category in the Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association’s General Excellence Awards. It makes perfect sense, because nobody puts as much effort into sports coverage as Mr. Clegg, and it is well deserved. The Leader placed second in the category. We can’t remember which issue we sent in for judging, but it must have been mid-March 2020 or before, because there sure wasn’t much sports to cover after that.
What else? In the Creative Advertising category, an ad created by The Leader’s Sunny Kwon won second place. The ad was a TA’s Asian Grille & Steakhouse Remembrance Day menu. Congratulations there, as well.
And lastly, we took third place in the Local Editorial category, for a piece titled, ‘The more information the better.’
Now….back to work!

We already reported some of this, but Jaimie Norberg at the Town of Slave Lake was good enough to send us a few more details on the community clean-up that took place last month. Fifteen groups registered, ranging from one person to 10 people. In addition to those, 10 or a dozen town employees took part. The total collected, Norberg says, was something in the range of 135 – 140 bags of garbage.
That’s good news. Not as good is that the litter is already building up again. Let’s see what we can do to keep it down as much as possible.

What with one thing and another, various meetings have been postponed. One is the annual general meeting of the Woods & Water Recreational Trails Association. That’s the group working away on the north shore section of The Great Trail (formerly known as the Trans Canada Trail). It’s a good project that has seen a fair amount of progress over the past few years, but there’s lots more to do – both construction-wise, and in regular maintenance. Take a look at the group’s FB page for the latest.
Oh, that AGM is now scheduled for June 28.

Frequent MC Stan Isadore has a knack for lightening the mood, and isn’t bashful about doing it even on very solemn occasions. Take, for example, the memorial for the 215 kids that was held at the Friendship Centre (and then at the town office) on June 2. There was a lot of sadness, even anger, at the circumstances. Stan, as master of ceremonies, was somehow able to acknowledge that appropriately, but still find opportunity for cracking a few jokes. Not everybody can do that, which is one reason he’s such a popular choice for that sort of role. And speaking of roles, check out Stan in the film ‘River of Silence,’ which is a story about an Indigenous woman who goes missing. Of course he also played the bad guy Phil Henry in the TV series ‘Blackstone.’

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