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The folks at Slave Lake’s Abundant Life Worship Centre are putting on their annual free Thanksgiving dinner, with the help of the Slave Lake Manor. It takes place on Monday, Oct. 9 at the church, which is located behind the Rexall store in downtown Slave Lake. Although open to anyone, organizers hope to particularly provide a nice meal to “Slave Lakers who are away from home or in need of some help,” according to Kathleen Cardinal, who dropped the notice off at The Leader last week. For more information, call her at 780-805-0481
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Slave Lake Town councillor Phil Lokken kept everybody guessing until the last minute on his plans for town council. He told The Leader on the morning of nomination day, Sept. 18, that he wrestled with the decision whether or not to run for a second term on council up until the night before, finally deciding not to.
“It’s a long-term commitment,” Lokken said, of the four-year term. “It was a really hard decision to make.”
The older you get, Lokken said (he’s around 65), the more significant such a time commitment becomes.
“There are a lot of fine young candidates with more energy and time,” he said.
Lokken has some interesting ideas about the future direction of municipal government. If he had run and gained another term, he thinks he would have brought up the issue of amalgamation with the municipal district.
“It’s ticklish,” he said. “But I think in the long run that’s where things have to go. In my opinion, a more regional government is what this area needs. It gives us more strength.”
Lokken said he has no plans at the moment for further community involvement, but adds, “I will continue to be a keen observer.” He considers his time on council, “well spent.”
* * * * *
Speaking of Mr. Lokken, now that he’s not a town councillor anymore (or won’t be as of Oct. 16) maybe he’ll have enough time to lend his voice to the bass section of the Slave Lake community singers. We hear rumblings about it being revived for another round of Christmas music. Apparently such a good time was had by all last year that some folks want to do it again. Why not? Of course the burden of organizing and running a choir usually falls on the shoulders of two or three people. As long as they are willing……
Stay tuned. And if you like singing (soprano, alto, tenor or bass), somebody would like to hear from you! Give Pat a call at 780-849-2189.
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Sheila Willis tells us there is (or was, by the time this comes out) a ‘soft’ launch event for the History Check mobile application on Sunday, Sept. 24 in Edmonton. The app allows access to historical points of interest across northern Alberta, and stories about them as well as much, much more. It was initiated by Friends of Historical Northern Alberta, based in Smith, and the brainchild of Willis herself.
* * * * *
This just in from the Widewater Athletic Association: that group is hosting a candidates’ forum on Thursday, Oct. 5 at the Widewater Complex, at 7:00 p.m. They hope to get all five Ward II candidates, the two reeve candidates and the three High Prairie School Division candidates there to make statements and answer questions.
* * * * *
We hear John Spaans is the new RCMP Staff Sergeant at the Slave Lake detachment – or will be when he gets here. It’ll be a return for S/Sgt. Spaans, who served in Slave Lake several years ago as a constable.
* * * * *
So…. how’s business? Judging by the ‘round table’ reports from the attendees at last week’s Business Support Network meeting in Slave Lake, it could be a lot worse. One local eff ‘n b outfit (food & beverage, that is) said September is looking to be the best month ever. Another, much bigger, restaurant is looking at a decent September, but far from the best ever. Another retail business owner told The Leader last week (not at the BSN meeting) that business was up 28 per cent so far over last year.
We didn’t have room this week for a story on the BSN meeting, but will have it in next week’s Leader.



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