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The other day Debbie Anderson called to tell us a plaque had been dug out at the old St. Peter’s Ecumenical Church in Slave Lake. It says ‘In memory of Daniel Edmond Buck’, with a date in May of 1942. Debbie had heard that a descendant of Mr. Buck had been in touch with The Leader a while back, seeking information about the plaque.

Word is the plaque had been displayed at the old St. Peter’s Church in town. It must have been taken off when that church was relocated to Diamond Willow (where it still sits), back in the late 1970s or thereabouts. Whether the intention was to put it up at the new St. Pete’s or not – apparently it never happened and it was forgotten about.

So….it hasn’t happened yet, but we’re hoping the connection can be made and it can be returned to the family.

It pays to pay attention when you are ordering things online. Otherwise you might end up booking a pizza from a joint in San Antonio Texas, instead of down the street in Slave Lake, for example. It has happened more than once – somebody thinking they were ordering from Alimos in Slave Lake when in fact they put their order in with Alamo Pizza down there on the Rio Grande. The first time was a few years ago, when the fire hall in Slave Lake ordered pizzas online when they were having a training exercise. The Alamo’s pizza crew down in Texas went ahead and filled the order, but their delivery guy noticed something weird about the address – it was in Canada! When the fire chief got the news, he asked Alamo’s to deliver the pizzas to a local fire hall in San Antonio, thus launching the concept of ‘Random Acts of Pizza,’ which was promoted here at home by Alimo’s.

Anyway, the other day a customer came into Alimo’s to pick up the pizza he’d ordered online and it turned out he’d made the same mistake – actually ordered it from the Texas pizzeria.

We don’t like to talk about ourselves too much on Page 9, but Harry Bartlett of the Rotary Club was in last week with shocking news The Leader’s top entry in the Rotary’s NHL Playoff Pool had somehow overcome a big early-round deficit and climbed into top spot in the Media Challenge.

On the line is a free pizza from Alimos, which if we concentrate we can already smell. On the outside looking in as the final series started between Colorado and Tampa were the entries from Boom, Eastlink and the Town of Slave Lake’s communications guy (Comm Down). The latter entry was actually in the top 10 in the pool in the early going, and our best was at least 100 places below; sometimes more. But something happened in the third round and it’s now looking pretty close to a lock, not that anybody besides the crew at The Leader cares.

But this is all a sideshow. The real story is Eastern Whalers 9 vs Mopar3, who are duking it out for the big money. Eastern Whalers9 has the edge, with nine players to Mopar’s eight. Good luck!

The Leader reached out to the chairs of the Slave Lake Homeless Coalition for an update. Here’s what we learned from Brice Ferguson.

“No closer to finding a permanent home (for the Mat Program). We are exploring some options (tiny homes, pods like they have in Edson) and have sent this info off to the provincial government.

“For something of this magnitude though, we would likely need support from the province of Alberta. As usual though, finding a location for these pods or tiny homes would likely prove to be challenging.”

Speaking of challenges, it looks as if the owner of a property on the west side of town doesn’t want homeless people camping there. Hence the ‘clean-up’ that happened last week. It’s the second such case of homeless camps being shut down. Nothing is solved though. The people will find other places to camp.

For the next year, flashing blue lights might not be a cop. A pilot project in Alberta has given tow trucks the option of adding blue as well as yellow flashing lights. Motorists travelling both directions on single-lane highways (and the same direction on multi-lane highways) must slow down to 60 km/h when passing tow trucks, roadside workers, and emergency vehicles with their lights flashing.

Apparently, Beyblades are spinning tops, which were first made in Japan in 1999. A manga series followed. Presumably the popularity has ebbed and flowed through the years. The Slave Lake Beyblade League is a thing, see article on Page 18 and 19.

This coming weekend (June 25 and 26) one of the Slave Lake Heat baseball teams is hosting games at the Sinclair Diamonds.

The weekend after is Canada Day, and there’s lots to do. For details, check this space or an article in the June 29 Leader.
One detail we’ll mention here however. The Debbie Seppola Memorial Canada Day Parade in Canyon Creek will start at 2 p.m., not 11 a.m. as previously printed, so this no longer conflicts with the Kinuso Parade at 11 a.m.

The half block on Third Ave. NE looks pretty spiffy, if we do say so ourselves. There are shade-loving flowers outside of all three shops: The Leader, Creative Goods and Co., and B Worthy Bra Boutique. It’s a far cry from 2019, when The Leader was the only business on this part of the block.

Speaking of flowers, The Leader is looking for nominations for Beautiful Gardens of 2022. If you know of someone with one, call 780-849-4380 or email

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