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Apparently that very hot day we had near the end of July was an all-time record for that date. And by that of course we mean since records have been kept. We had hotter days in 2021, but they were on earlier dates. And who knows what might have happened before 1890, or whenever it was they started recording temperatures.

It’s a rare week in the old newspaper office when something shows up you haven’t seen or heard of before. Last week we got a call from a professor of journalism at SAIT. He’s doing his PhD thesis on the state of community newspapers in Alberta, or something along those lines, and was hoping we could answer a few questions about ‘staffing levels.’

This question has never been asked, as far as we are aware, so we accepted the offer, which he said would only take five minutes. It turned out the first two minutes were taken up by a standard statement on the purpose and formal request for permission – presumably for legal reasons. Then it was on to the not-very-interesting details about how many people we have in the news-reporting line of work. How this fellow will get a half-decent PhD thesis out of that sort of info we have no idea, but we wished him all the best.

Maybe next week will bring something even more exciting…

You might have heard that the Ukrainian Canadian Congress is looking for host families for Ukrainians who are coming to Alberta to get away from war in their home country. is the email address. is the website.

We may have mentioned already how soft the shoulders are on Hwy. 88 through the provincial park north of Slave Lake. Why it should be like that is hard to say, but the evidence is all over the place, of heavy trucks that have pulled over and made ruts a foot or more deep. It’s nothing new, but what is new is that there is so much more of it going on than previously.

The Kinosayo Museum, in Kinuso, owns the Kinuso Grain Elevator, but there are only a few times (possibly only one) time a year when people can go inside. That date is coming up on August 17 from 4 to 8 p.m.
The fifth annual Grain Elevator Open House also includes food for sale (burgers, hot dogs, popcorn, and ice cream) and activities (dunk tank, face painting, dime toss, and carnival games).

September 1 is now Alberta Day, to commemorate Alberta becoming a province on September 1, 1905. The provincial government initiated this day this year. It’s not a statutory holiday or anything, but the government is encouraging municipalities to hold events on Saturday, Sept. 3. There’s some grant money available, so we’ll see what happens.

That weekend is already Labour Day weekend (Labour Day is the first Monday in September, so moves around a bit). Also, it is the Smith-Hondo Fall Fair from Friday to Sunday.

This Saturday, Aug. 13, there are a few events in the Slave Lake area. These include farmers’ markets, Gilwood golf club championship, a bird banding station tour, a medicinal plant walk, mini art show painting, and the second to last day of Peerless Trout Treaty Days.

The other weekend, some asked a Page 9 reporter about the sandcastle competition, thinking it was the first weekend in August. We were pleased to report they hadn’t missed it, as it is part of the All-In Slave Lake event the last weekend in August (Aug. 26 to 28), with the sandcastle competition on the Sunday,
We also recently checked in with the organizer for the Dog Island Cup, which was part of All-In last year. We learned that there will not be a paddleboard/kayak/canoe race from Devonshire to Dog Island this year.

For registration details for some All-In events, see ad on Page 6.

For details, see calendar on

With the rain lately following all of that heat, we’re assuming that people’s garden’s are going to be pretty fantastic. A brief chat on the walk to work the other day resulted in a ‘Beautiful Garden’ recommendation. We also welcome people stopping by the office or calling in if they have any suggestions of gardens we can take pictures of for this popular section in The Leader.

Slave Lake musician Hunter Mouallem is one of the artists at Inter-Sect Art + Music Festival coming up in High Prairie. See ad on Page 19.

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