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This just in from mayor Tyler Warman: the Legacy Centre board is running a fundraiser ‘similar to Ducks Unlimited,’ on Nov. 18. It’ll consist of a dinner and live and silent auction and entertainment by a comedian. The word is out for donations of items that can be auctioned off.
So why is this happening?
“This is a new facility and is seeing some great use. We want to see it grow with this community,” says Warman. “The new daycare space is at capacity and helps attract new people to this region. The performing arts space is a welcomed amenity to many newcomers to Slave Lake and has hosted some amazing events. The Elks are responsible for all the bookings and pay a portion of the expenses to keep the building operational. Over the last year they have been struggling a bit with membership and their fundraisers, so our board has offered to step up and help out.”
Feel free to give Warman a call at 780-805-4045.
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The Leader is looking for a full-time reporter again. This always turns out to be a rather complicated process, taking longer than we would like, because well-trained journalists are not exactly growing on trees in this part of the world. Other obstacles including modest pay in a town with a fairly high cost of living. Nothing new there – many employers face the same sort of challenges.
It could be by the time you read this we’ll have it all figured out, and some fresh-faced journalism school grad will be winging his or her way north (and probably west). We hope so.
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Gilwood Golf Club put out a request last week for people to purchase their 2018 memberships early. It’s part of a broader effort by the board and club manager Tom Tippin to improve the revenue situation of the club. Tippin, in a letter sent out last week said the board has made “bold decisions,” and has made progress, , but some cash to get the club through the off-season would be very helpful. Hence the plea for early membership sales.
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Apparently the word is out that the M.D. of Lesser Slave River is the best place to work. How else would you explain 388 applications for employment so far this year? According to figures supplied at a council meeting last week by Alanis Marleau (who looks after human resources for the M.D.) that’s up 70 per cent. Maybe every employer is experiencing a similar surge. Oddly enough, it hasn’t happened here at The Leader, where as it happens we are looking for a reporter.
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As you might have read or heard, the Mat Program homeless shelter at the Friendship Centre has ceased operation for the time being due to lack of funds. But this Saturday the Centre is holding a fundraiser for the program, in the form of a pancake breakfast! It costs eight bucks, which includes sausages and eggs. It runs from 8:00 a.m. to noon at the Friendship Centre, on Nov. 4.
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Brian Rosche’s response to our request for comments on his election victory came in a bit too late for the article on the results of the election or M.D. council. Here they are:
“I would like to express my gratitude to out going councillors Gary Horton, Darren Fulmore and Mike Skrynyk for the past four years of striving for what they all strongly believed was in the best interests of the residents of the MD.
They are first -rate people and I will miss seeing them around the council table.
On the other hand I would like to congratulate Jeff Commins, Sandra Melzer and Becky Peiffer and am looking forward to working with them and returning councillors Esau, Pearson and Reeve Kerik.
I will continue to advocate for gravel roads our residents are able to drive cars on when they are wet and not have them covered in mud.
I will continue to consider spending of tax payers’ money as if it is my money.
Not a difficult concept as part of it is my money.
I will continue to advocate for tax increases to be kept minimal.
The new council has a lot of important items to deal with that have been put on the back burner so to speak until after the election.
I am confident the administration and new council are up for the challenges before them.”
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We had a story about Vera McConaghy turning 100 years old ready to go this week, but we ran out of room. Not only that, we had been promised a couple of older photos of Vera from back in the day and they did not arrive by press time. The story will appear at another time (hopefully next week), but the key bit of news it contains can’t wait, so we’ll put it here. A celebration of the first century of Vera’s life is being held on Saturday, Nov. 11 at the community hall in Smith. It starts at 1:00 p.m. and runs to 5:00 p.m., or theareabouts. Come on out, says Vera. Enjoy lunch, see a slide show and share some stories.

Vera McConaghy

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An example of how not to write:
What did you bring that book that I don’t like to be read to out of up for?




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