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Your Page 9 roving reporter took in a bit of a U13 boys hockey game on Nov. 12. It was good entertainment for the price of admission.

We got a kick out of a couple of kids playing defence for the visiting Fort McMurray Oil Barons team. According to what we saw on the back of their jerseys, their names are Wall and Sample. Wall and Sample were always out there together and seemed to be enjoying themselves a lot. Fittingly, Wall is big for his age and has a hard slapshot. He bombed away from the blueline as often as he got the chance. Sample, meanwhile, was probably the only kid we’ve ever seen who actually started dancing to the music that was playing, while waiting for the puck to drop.

It was a three-game road trip for the Oil Barons. The only one they lost was the one in Slave Lake. It was also the only game where Wall and Sample didn’t get on the scoresheet.

The group doing improvements to the North Shore portion of the Trans Canada Trail is having its fall/winter meeting on Tuesday Nov. 29. It’s a good chance to find out what’s been happening, what’s planned and maybe even how you can help!
It’s at the Fire Centre boardroom (I.E. Forestry office by the airport) at 6:30 p.m.

There are a lot of ‘-son’ names under the sun. However, there aren’t as many Everetts which tripped up The Leader recently. Everett Evison stopped by to remind us of his last name, as we had accidentally reported that Everett Samuelson was leading a local grief support group. Evison said they’re shirt-tail relations. Evison mentioned the mistake when he stopped by to let The Leader know about a GriefShare event (article on Page 23).

We understand Slave Lake’s Nov. 25 Moonlight Madness/Light-Up event is on the same date as the one in High Prairie. The business communities, instead of cooperating are going toe-to-toe, and may the best event win. You would think if they held them a week apart, they might stand a decent chance of attracting shoppers from each others’ communities.
Smith also has Light-Up the Park that evening.

The Flatbush Library has two events soon. The first is a movie afternoon on Nov. 26 (mentioned at the bottom of the Moonlight Madness article on Page 6). The other is a craft night on Nov. 29 starting at 6:30 p.m. Registration for the craft is required. To register, contact Rose at 780-681-2451.

December 2, the Slave Lake Native Friendship Centre is holding a free Seniors’ Only Christmas Supper. Registration is required by calling 780-849-3039.
This is the same night as the Kinette’s comedy dinner and dance which is one lot over in the Legacy Centre. For details, see ad on Page 24.
The Slave Lake Library has ‘Pictures with Santa’ on Dec. 3 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Registration is required.

Many people misspell the ‘Claus’ in Santa Claus. The source of the confusion can probably be traced right back to the 1994 Tim Allen movie, The Santa Clause. People have been spelling it wrong ever since.

Some of the LSRFS Fire Movember team with their moustaches on Nov. 17 (see article on Page 22). Courtesy of Lesser Slave Regional Fire Services.

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