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Oops! We heard from our colleague at the South Peace News that a front-page story on Jan. 11 was incorrect. It was about the old hospital property.

‘Hospital land sold to undisclosed buyer,’ was the headline. Except it turns out it wasn’t sold at all. So if you’re interested, it’s still available. Or might be. The Town of High Prairie is apparently interested in acquiring it, but probably not if it has to pay market price.

What happened was title to the land was transferred from one government department to another. Somehow, as part of that process, somebody stamped ‘sold’ on a document, and a series of assumptions followed, resulting in the story in the News.

Mostly we ignore RCMP news releases from outside our area, but some of those theft stories are interesting because the same person who hits a well site or a rural property around Grande Prairie could be doing it the next night in our neighbourhood. These guys get around, often in stolen vehicles.

One of them got nabbed in GP the other day, and if the court system does its job, he won’t be bothering anybody for a while.

The arrest was the result of collaboration between RCMP in BC and Alberta. Cops in Fort St. John let their counterparts across the border know about a certain stolen vehicle they suspected as having been used in an ATM theft. Sure enough, a Grande Prairie RCMP patrol spotted the Dodge Nitro in a motel parking lot. Inside the car was a receipt telling them which room the person was in.

He’s now in another room, pending a court appearance, facing charges related to the $40,000 in Canadian currency he had with him, plus drugs, plus a bunch of other stolen stuff.

This comes on top of his Dec. 10 bust for B & E in Grande Prairie and other charges for being in possession of a stolen vehicle in Hinton on Dec. 17.

The Slave Lake Hospital Auxiliary holds its annual general meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 31 at 7 p.m. It’s in the third-floor boardroom at the Lakeland Centre in Slave Lake.

How about that heavy smoke that was hanging around on the early morning of Jan. 17? Drifted in from burning brushpiles east or southeast of town, people were speculating. It was strong enough that clothing was smelling of it for hours afterward, and to bother some people with respiratory problems.
Usually when that happens it’s due to a weather ‘inversion,’ meaning warm air aloft is keeping the colder air and whatever is in it, pressed down.

The Kinuso Ladies Bonspiel is the last weekend in January (Jan. 27 to 28). The theme is Rock ‘n Roll, which includes supper on Saturday night. It is at the Anton Kirtio Curling Rink in Kinuso. It costs $240 per team (four players). The registration deadline is Jan. 25. To register contact Nikki at 780-849-0379 or Emma at 780-805-9517.

The All Seasons Market has announced its schedule for 2023. The first one is February 25 in the Multi Rec Centre in Slave Lake.

It’s been a while, but the Slave Lake and District Chamber of Commerce is once again having community meetings. The first one will be on Tuesday, January 31 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Slave Lake Inn. For the link to register, check out the calendar on

How about those non-functioning lights on the trail system in town? How many months are they going to go like that before somebody gets around to fixing them? Just wondering.

Slave Lake’s Rotary Club had a nice little shindig at The Fix in downtown Slave Lake last Thursday night. It was a wine and cheese thing, with entertainment by the musical trio of Gordon Ferguson, Lisa Wilson and Paul George.
The purpose of it was to show appreciation for people who have helped out the Rotary in their projects. Up next for Rotary is the Fun Feud game on March 11.

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