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Oops! Almost forgot about Page 9 this week. The thing about a page like this is if you start it early in the week, adding tidbits to it as the week goes along, by the time Friday morning rolls around you’ve got a finely honed piece of work, nicely filling the available space. That’ll be about when Harry Bartlett comes around with some late-breaking bit of news about the percentage of his latest raffle that has sold, and asking if it can be squeezed in.
This week, though, what with one distraction or another, we didn’t get started on Page 9 until the middle of the week. What sort of distractions, you ask? We could try blaming the snow, but it might not stick. Facebook? A likely enough target. Cabin fever? A bit of sunshine would certainly help the mood around the office. But by the look of the forecast, we might have to make do with the Christmas lights that were being put up around town last week.
* * * * *
Word came through the other day that Ali Mouallem is labouring away on plans for a bigger, better and much funner spring trade show for the Chamber of Commerce. We also hear he could use some help of the guy variety. Not sure why that is; maybe there’s heavy lifting involved? But anyway it would be good to have lots of support, so one person or a handful of people don’t end up doing too much of the work.
The same probably goes for every event and program that relies on volunteers. Sticking with the Chamber of Commerce, though, it’s pretty well accepted that it is onto something pretty good lately. There’s a dynamic, creative team running things, and the evidence was there for all to see in the Riverboat Daze Block Party. Most people agree that was the best event to happen in Slave Lake in years. Not perfect! But pretty darn good.
So the point here is good ideas and the energy to carry them off can make a big difference in a community. But it can also burn people out. We don’t want that happening, so please considering lending a hand.
* * * * *
We had a bit less information than we would have liked about the local teams in the Pee Wee tournament earlier this month. It’s a hit or miss affair at the best of times, getting regular details about local minor sports teams – mostly our fault, of course. Anyway, last week we had a hit when Bumpy Churchill shared a few words about the Pee Wee 1 team he’s helping out with.
“The season so far has been quite good,” he says. “We played four tiering games that we went 2-2 in. In the regular season we are 3-2-1. The league did a really good job in tiering, with every game being really good and competitive and the win could have gone either way.”
To which we should add that if anyone would like to see updates on their team in The Leader, feel free to give us a call at 780-849-4380, or an email at [email protected], or approach the bearded guy with the camera at the arena.
* * * * *
The Kinette’s Christmas Party is coming up again. The local service club has been putting these on for many years as a way for small businesses (that might not have the resources or numbers of employees to do their own Christmas parties) to provide a seasonal treat for their staff. The Leader has participated before and found it to be very worthwhile.
So…. to the details! It’s on Saturday, Dec. 9 at the Legacy Centre, with dinner catered by Greg Gramiak, dancing, and musical entertainment by the Richard Woodman band, as well as the local Ukrainian dance group. Tickets are $60 and are available at Distractions, or by calling Jolene at 780-849-0479.

Up go the big snowflakes.

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