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Friend of The Leader Henri Soulodre sent us a link last week to a video about the Alberta forest service (or whatever it’s called these days), celebrating 50 years of formalized wildfire training in Alberta. It’s full of familiar faces, from Sam Sinclair to Gordon Sinclair, to Ambrose Jacobs to Sheldon Houle to Mike Turcotte. It’s on Facebook, under AlbertaWildfireinfo/videos, followed by a bunch of other letters and numbers we don’t feel like copying here.
* * * * *
There are lots of coyotes running around in Slave Lake lately. This is not anything new, except that either there are more of them than usual, or they are bolder, coming out of the bush along the creek and cruising around homes and businesses looking for food. One was spotted, for example the other morning trotting between vehicles in the Whitecap Motors lot. Another was running down Main St. by Speedee Mart.
* * * * *
Yes, folks, it’s time once again for the Jingle Bell Fun Run, the annual wintertime fundraiser with bells put on by the United Way of Slave Lake. Or to be precise, the Slave Lake chapter of the United Way of Alberta Northwest, with help from a couple of local sponsors. It begins at the Legacy Centre up there on 6th Ave. NE in Slave Lake, with registration at 12 noon and the jingling beginning at 1:00 p.m. Prizes? Yes, says the poster. No bells? No problem – participants receive a complimentary ‘bear’ bell. No bears are expected.
Registration is $20 per person and $50 per family.
* * * * *
An incorrect version of the name of a local firm made it into the Nov. 15 Lakeside Leader. The story about the Mat Program should have said ‘Northern Alberta Psychological Services,’ was one of the supporters of the project. We left out the word ‘Northern.’
* * * * *
“We’re the size of an American state,” said M.D. of Lesser Slave River CAO Allan Winarski last week. Not that we doubted Mr. W, but it made us curious so we checked it out. In fact the M.D. of LSR – at approximately 3,900 square miles – is bigger than the two smallest U.S. states (Rhode Island and Delaware), and a bit smaller than Connecticut. On the other hand, MDLSR is bigger than nine European countries and almost exactly the same size as Kosovo.
For the sake of perspective, if Alberta happened to be in Europe, it would be that continent’s second-largest country, after Russia.
* * * * *
Two surprises of the good kind last week: gas at the pump dropped four cents and a coffee at a certain downtown coffee shop only cost $1.89. We didn’t see that coming. The last time it cost about $3.30, unless we’re mistaken. (Always a decent possibility)
Other surprises: receiving two applications for jobs at The Leader from people in Europe. ‘The position has been filled,’ we told them. ‘But thanks very much for your interest.’
And by the way, we could have added but didn’t, were you aware the municipal district over here is bigger than some countries in Europe?
* * * * *
And now, a few thoughts from Chamber of Commerce president Francesca Giroux, on the Moonlight Madness/Light-Up Slave Lake/Santa Claus Parade event on Nov. 17.
“I think Friday night was excellent! The community really pulled together despite the cold weather for the parade. We had a large number of entries this year. I also really enjoyed the additions to this year’s events, including the bonfire, hot chocolate stations and Christmas carolers. Definitely hoping that this is something that we can build on in the future.”
* * * * *
Readers of this space (maybe half a dozen of them) may have come to expect a comment or two at this time of year about cross-country skiing. Nobody connected with this publication has actually been out on the trails this winter, but we have heard from two people who have, and the news is encouraging. One fellow said he was out on the trail in the provincial park and called it “a temple.” Not sure exactly what he was getting at, but it sounds interesting!
The other report was from a certain Widewater resident who takes her kids out skiing on the Nine Mile trails and said they are in great shape and so much fun.
Both of these reports, mind you, were before it warmed up and rained. Not to mention whatever it’s done since then.

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