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The quality of the hockey at the Treaty 8 Cup makes a person wonder if a senior men’s league in the area could work again. Or why there isn’t one, with all that talent coming out of the woodwork.

The final game, with Wabasca NTM vs. the Loon River Stars was as good or better than anything we used to see in the North Central Hockey League, back in the day when the Slave Lake Winterhawks were the talk of the town.

What would it take? A lot of work by a few dedicated volunteers, plus some solid corporate sponsorship.
You could make the same argument for a revival of the Junior ‘B’ program.
Just a thought….

If you’re interested in trail development or maintenance, here’s something to consider. The Woods & Water Recreational Trails Association has its annual general meeting on Tuesday, April 30. Its main project is to fix up the section of the Trans Canada Trail that runs along the north shore of Lesser Slave Lake beyond Marten Beach.

Trails make life better!

By the way, the Town of Slave Lake’s Naming Advisory Committee is still short one member. This is the group that advises town council on naming parks, neighbourhoods, streets and such when such decisions have to be made. It’s not a lot of work – two to four meetings per year – and contributes something useful to the community. Let Ashley Whitford at the town know if you are interested.

Here’s a story we heard about brazen thieves operating in Slave Lake. Somebody in the southeast part of town started his truck, locked it and went back in the house for a few minutes. He heard a loud noise, looked out and saw his truck disappearing down the street. The noise was apparently from whatever device the thieves used to disabled the door lock.

Thanks to a reader for letting The Leader know which team won the 2023 Kinuso Loggers Bonspiel A event. The team of Steve Gladue (skip), Tanis Williams, Keith Sheldon, and Roberta Hunt won in 2023. We had the 2022 and 2024 winners, but not 2023.

You and 8,818 of your closest friends (8,819 people or 0. 3 per cent of all electors) can start a new political party in Alberta if you want to.

On April 2, the Government of Alberta released the number of people needed to sign various types of petitions based on the eligible electors from the last election.

Citizen’s initiative petition: 10 per cent – 293,976 for a legislative or policy change and 20 per cent – 587,952 for a constitutional referendum.

On the local level, there is also the option of recalling MLAs. This requires 40 per cent of the total electors for that area. The Leader hasn’t heard any local rumblings of discontent nor are we aware of anyone considering the following, but just so you know, to recall Scott Sinclair, MLA for Lesser Slave Lake, they would need 6,282 people to sign the petition, since this riding has 15,704 electors.

Therefore, it would take fewer people to oust our MLA than to start a political party, not that we are suggesting either.

The last provincial election had 14 political parties. Candidates from three ran in the Lesser Slave Lake riding – Scott Sinclair (UCP), Danielle Larivee (NPD), and Bert Seatter (Solidarity Movement of Alberta).

The service shouldn’t change but the Slave Lake office of AHS Addictions and Mental Health is now under a new governmental organization called Recovery Alberta, so the name might change. The Alberta Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, Dan Williams, is holding online meetings with AHS addictions and mental health staff in April to help make the transition.

Spark the North/State of the Lake is April 24 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Legacy Centre in Slave Lake. It is a one-day conference. The theme is ‘Uniting Communities for Regional Growth.’ For details see ad and article on Page 13.

In the news last week was an item about Greyhound’s parent company bringing passenger bus service (called Flixbus) back to Alberta. That’s good news, but not for anyone up north, because the routes are limited to Edmonton-Calgary-Lethbridge, according to the story in the Edmonton Journal.

Meanwhile, as far as we know, Coldshot is doing a route between Slave Lake and Edmonton. Northern Express was doing a daily run from High Level to Edmonton, through Slave Lake, but apparently that has been suspended.

With the price of fuel, if bus companies offer a decent rate and advertise, people might switch. However, we’ve become very attached to the convenience and freedom of the personal horseless carriage, so it’s hard to know if long-distance bus travel will make a comeback.

In other transportation news, the Government of Alberta has announced an apprenticeship model for truck drivers. The hope is this will help alleviate the truck driver shortage.

Somebody was telling us there were at least a couple of ice fishing shacks that didn’t make it off the lake by the March 31 deadline. We’re assuming it all got taken care of safely, but you’re taking your chances out there, the longer it goes.

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