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Updated April 22 – the hectares burnt in the Slave Lake Forest Area were corrected. The provincial numbers had been used by accident.

That solar eclipse of April 8 was a bit of a bust, as far as anybody at The Leader office could tell. Not that we ever looked up at the sun to see if some of it was missing, having been warned that wouldn’t be a good idea. But we were paying attention to the general amount of sunlight, which didn’t seem to diminish at all. But from what we hear in other parts of this continent it was pretty much a total eclipse, and no doubt lots of people were properly equipped to see it happening.

Pallets, anyone? Somebody dumped these in the ditch on Noor-Vallhalla Drive, which is the way up to the old Slave Lake cemetery.

We got a call from Glen Nipshank the other day. He’s interested in doing an upgrade on his 32-year-old mural on the side of the Rexall building in downtown Slave Lake and was asking for advice on who to talk to. Glen mostly makes his living as a potter these days, but before that he was a painter, and it was in that capacity he was hired back in 1992 by the committee that was promoting murals in town. His is the only one of that first batch of murals that survives – possibly because it faces north and doesn’t see much sun. But it is getting quite worn, with paint chipping off, especially on the lower parts.

Glen says he has ideas for how to improve it, and techniques that would make it go a lot faster than it did the first time around. What he needs is approval from the building’s owner, first of all, and then to find somebody willing to pay him for his time.

The Glen Nipshank mural in downtown Slave Lake. Time for an upgrade? The artist thinks so.

We hear the Sak Ata Wahk RV and Campground is opening up for business again this year. It’s located on the Lesser Slave River a kilometer or so downstream, or east from the public boat launch, on the north side, on Muskeg Road. There’s an ad on it in our Here’s My Card section.

If you hear the term ‘rural generalist’ what do you think of?

It was part of a news release from the Government of Alberta about some funding for family doctors and rural generalists.

It is unclear how a rural generalist differs from a family doctor, but keep your ears open the word will probably be everywhere, now that it has escaped from wherever it is new terms come from.

On May 5 from 9:30 a.m. to noon, Métis District 21 is holding a Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) event at the Slave Lake Legion. Nancy Chalifoux will speak about the MMIW movement. It also includes a pancake breakfast.

For more details, contact Métis District 21 office at 780-849-4654.

The Slave Lake Native Friendship Centre will also have a MMIW walk that day from the Town of Slave Lake office to the Friendship Centre. The time hasn’t been announced, but it usually starts at 11:30 a.m.

On April 9, Alberta Wildfire declared SWF013 extinguished. This was a 42.2 hectare wildfire near Hwy. 88, 15 km south of Red Earth Creek, discovered on March 31. The cause is under investigation.

As of April 14, the wildfire danger in the Slave Lake Forest Area was high. It had two held wildfires, and nine under control. Of the under control fires, eight were from 2023. Of the 2024, fires 17 have been extinguished. From Jan. 1 to April 14, the Slave Lake Forest Area had 21 wildfires, which had burnt 279.53 hectares.

The Slave Lake Native Friendship Centre is holding a pancake breakfast to fundraise for the food bank. It is Saturday, April 20 from 9 a.m. to noon at the Friendship Centre. The meal costs $10, and includes pancakes, syrup, strawberries, whipped cream, scrambled eggs, sausage, tea, coffee, and juice.

The Page 9 correspondent was explaining ‘Kid’s Talk’ to Grade 1 students – that their photo and answer to a question would be in the newspaper.

Most had no reaction.

One lit up like it was Christmas.

Another asked what a newspaper was. Then if it was the big book they saw on Peppa Pig, and held up their hands as if they were holding a newspaper.

It appears cartoons are keeping the concept of newspapers alive in kids minds, even if they’ve never seen one in person.

St. Mary of the Lake Catholic School has a garage sale on April 27th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. People can rent a table for $20. Table rental proceeds go to the school beautification project. To book a table, call 780-849-5244.

What were all the air boats doing out on the river and the lake one day last week? That was the hot question at the coffee shop on Friday morning. Various answers were proposed. Government doing studies? People having fun?

It turned out it was the Area D Spill Co-op doing one of its annual training exercises. Or at least that’s what somebody who should know told us.

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