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“You should print something negative about the town,” says an acquaintance of your Page 9 correspondent. Never mind mere criticism. Outright negativity is what he wants. Why in the world we would want to do that is a good question. But different strokes for different folks, as they say. Some of those folks would like their local news rag to reflect their own view of things, and a negative view of local government (or pretty much anyone in authority) is certainly one of the points of view that’s out there.
That’s more or less how one local politician put it:
‘There are many different ways of looking at things,’ said former M.D. of Lesser Slave River Reeve Denny Garratt one day, when he felt obligated to respond to a rather extreme opinion expressed by one of his council colleagues. ‘And that’s certainly one of them.’
That may not be exactly what Denny said, but it was something to that effect, by which he cleverly dealt with the matter without either agreeing with it or rejecting it.
Local government is an easy target, but throwing good people under the bus just because it’s fun or easy to do is a dumb policy. Dumb for us as a newspaper, that is; you make your own judgments.
Other newspapers don’t agree, by the way. Our colleagues over there in High Prairie make a huge fuss about town councillors attending Federation of Canadian Municpalities annual conferences. Their view seems to be it’s nothing but a waste of taxpayers’ money.
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Talking to the manager of Slave Lake’s Boston Pizza the other day about the Valentine’s Day traffic, we found out there was a huge demand for the heart-shaped pizzas. This is a feature of BP that has been in place for years, with a dollar from the price of each heart-shaped pie going to a charitable foundation. Mr. Warman said the popularity of these has waned in recent years, but it came back big in 2018 and it was a big challenge to keep up.
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Did anybody else notice an unusual congregation of vehicles at the north end of the Sawridge Plaza Mall on the morning of Feb. 21? It was about 7:45 a.m. and people were streaming from there to the main doors of the provincial government offices where a fair-sized crowd had gathered. Now we’ve driven or walked past that spot at about that time of day many times and never seen that before. Were these provincial employees, keen to show up half an hour early for some mysterious reason?
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As some of you may have heard, The Leader is again looking for a reporter. We may have hired one by the time this edition of The Leader hits the newsstands, but then again we may not have. Either way, if you’ve got any news tips, let us know! We like to be informed of events as well. We might not get to all of them (let’s face it – we won’t), but to paraphrase Wayne Gretzky, we’ll definitely miss all the ones we didn’t know about in the first place.
* * * * *
Hey, how about Slave Lake’s own Moe Mouallem, telling jokes and making people laugh as an opening act for another funny guy and a classical music quintet. This was at the Stage North show at the Legacy Centre on Feb. 18. Moe was a bit nervous, but on the whole he came across very well and provoked lots of laughs with his observations on family, pizza, shopping and other topics. Then Christopher Hall came on and slayed them in the aisles, as the saying goes. The music was good too! Hall had the audience at ‘Hello?’ when he answered his cell phone in the middle of the opening musical number, taking a call from Prime Minister Trudeau. He had the crowed pretty much eating out of his hand the rest of the way. Bravo! for a good job.

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