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We hear a rumour that Tinashe Muzah, a student at Roland Michener School in Slave Lake, will be opening at the next Stage North show at the Legacy Centre. Tinashe plays guitar and sings (as well as playing in the ‘Roland Tones,’ the RMS jazz ensemble). He’ll be opening on March 22 for Black Umfolosi, the Zimbabwean dance group.
* * * * *
Elsewhere around town, Robyn Hollohan and her team at Roland Michener School have all sorts of basketball-related activities going on this month. They include three-point shooting and free-throw shooting competitions at noon hours, and another ‘school vs. community’ game on Mar. 29.
* * * * *
And while we’re at it, why not mention the ‘Outlaw’ Sled Drag Races being put on by the Slave Lake Snow and Mud Association, at Big Fish Bay. This is March 16 and 17, with a kick-off party on the Friday night at the Legion in Slave Lake. Racing goes from 11:00 a.m. on the 17th out on the lake.
* * * * *
We had a call last Tuesday morning from Mr. Ragunathan of the Canadian Red Cross, wondering why he couldn’t find a Lakeside Leader story on the Red Cross online. Well, we told him, the paper just arrived hot off the press this morning with the story, so it wouldn’t be online yet, would it? Turns out it was. Things happen that fast around here these days, and nobody alerted the editor. Then again, why would they – this is the guy who takes pride in being the last person in Slave Lake to not carry a smart phone around with him.
Oh, the real story here is the Red Cross would really like it if a few people from the area stepped up to become volunteers for that organization.
* * * * *
The Leader got lucky this time around and was able to find a reporter looking for a job at the same time as we were looking for a reporter. So Callie Hermanson, a native of Edson Alberta, started last Tuesday, just a few days after Gord Fortin finished his brief stint here. Please introduce yourselves to Callie and let her know what’s happening in town! Or outside of town, for that matter.

Callie Hermanson

* * * * *
What were all the sirens about last Monday just after lunch? People were asking us that question and as usual we had no idea. That is until a certain gent and long-time friend of The Leader phoned from the hospital to say it was him. He’d fainted while at one of the downtown banks and when the EMT folks arrived they could find no pulse!
‘I feel okay,’ he said.
Never a dull moment around here.
* * * * *
Note the letter in this week’s Leader from Chris Brown, the Town of Slave Lake’s communications dude, who has decided to take part in the ‘Media Challenge’ in the Rotary Club’s NHL Playoff Pool. ‘Bring it,’ says Brown of the Town. ‘That pizza is mine.’ Or words to that effect.
All right. We’re sharpening our pencils here at the office and will be choosing our teams on the basis of rigorous scientific statistical analysis and the most up-to-date concepts of probability forecasting, blah, blah, blah, whatever that means. Anyway, Brown talks a good game but there isn’t a lot of evidence he even knows the difference between hockey and curling. So there’ll be no conceding of pizzas any time soon from this corner. As for those radio and cable TV guys…… they’ve been awfully quiet.
* * * * *
Harry Bartlett of the Slave Lake Rotary Club tells us the 777 tickets ($100 apiece) were going so fast in the first week of sales that the debit machine needed to be oiled three times! Not really, but over 300 tickets were sold in the first few days, so he’s urging anyone who would like one not to wait very long to buy it. They can be purchased from any Rotary member, including Harry, who can be reached at 780-805-0482.
Meanwhile, NHL playoff pool entries are available for $10 apiece. Pick a team and see how it goes. The season ends April 8.

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