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This item was intended for an earlier edition of The Leader, but we held off, hoping for a photo to go along with it, that never materialized. So, better late than never….
The fundraiser at the Slave Lake Legion for the Wounded Warriors Weekend went over well. Rhonda Willis, one of the organizers, says, “A number of people stopped in throughout the day (on June 2) to enjoy the great music. We have some wonderful talent in this town!”
As for the fundraising, Willis says, “we had a successful raffle and silent auction. Donations at the door were generous.” On the other hand, “We have not hit our fundraising goal yet, so there will be more activities to come, and we are still seeking sponsors for some elements of the August long weekend.”
* * * * *
Hats off to the M.D. people who worked through the weekend to pump water out of people’s yards in Marten Beach. It took some trial and error to figure out how to do it effectively, but it sure made a difference. And it was an effort of several days before the water was sufficiently down so you could see how many inches of slimy mud was left behind.
There was a lot of neighbourly activity generally in the hamlet, easing the burden for many people.
* * * * *
The usual Canada Day parties will be happening in Slave Lake and Canyon Creek on (you guessed it) July 1. The good news is it’s possible to attend both! The Slave Lake one starts at 11:00 a.m. in Schurter Park and runs until 4:00 p.m. The Canyon Creek Canada Day Parade starts at 2:00 p.m. So if you play it right you can get in two free barbecues, plus some entertainment in Slave Lake and see the parade in Canyon, with no need for driving over the speed limit getting from one to the other.
And (this just in!) there’s another Canada Day barbecue in Smith – this one at 5:00 p.m.
At Kinuso/Spruce Point Park there’s the big July Canada Day weekend rodeo on June 30 and July 1. It starts with a parade in Kinuso before the action switches to Spruce Point Park rodeo grounds. Fireworks Saturday night. But you probably knew all that already.
* * * * *
Speaking of Smith Alberta, have you noticed how hard it is to get results in an Internet search for that delightful hamlet? Nothing against good old Rathbone Smith, after whom it is named, but if his last name had been Rathbone instead of the other way around, it would have made a world of difference. There are an awful lot of Smiths out there.
* * * * *
A couple of events have been postponed, we’ve noticed. For example, a pow wow at Driftpile was supposed to happen the June 16 weekend but has been put off until sometime in August. And the St. Pete’s annual ATV poker rally is delayed a month or so due to the high fire hazard on the originally-scheduled early June date. It’s now set for July 21.
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