The shipping problems of the past year cannot be allowed to recur

To the Editor:

Cereals Canada calls on all Members of Parliament and Senators to work together to quickly pass the amended version of C-49 into law.

Cereals Canada appreciates the work that has been done on this important piece of legislation. C-49 will:

Help balance railway monopoly power
Introduce competitive tools for shippers who face poor service
Introduce financial penalties for poor railway performance, just like railway penalties for shippers who fail to load or unload hopper cars on time.

Cereals Canada offers our “thank you” to Minister Garneau, supported by Minister MacAulay, for bringing forward legislation. C-49 will improve Canada’s ability to deliver grain to our customers in a timely fashion. We appreciate the thoughtful amendments brought forward by the Senate that have improved the effectiveness of the bill.

On April 27 Minister Garneau introduced a motion in the House of Commons that will adopt almost all of the Senate amendments to the provisions of C-49 that impact grain movement. The acceptance of the Senate amendments demonstrates support for Canada’s grain, oilseed and special crops farmers and exporters.

It is necessary that this legislation be passed prior to the coming summer recess of Parliament in order to ensure the Canadian grain sector can move forward with confidence in marketing the 2018 crop. Customers around the world are following this legislation closely. Canada’s reputation as a reliable supplier has been harmed by transportation delays. The shipping problems of the past year cannot be allowed to recur, and C-49 will help ensure that they do not.

Members of Parliament and Senators, Cereals Canada believes the work on this legislation is complete. We call on you to work together to pass this bill quickly and with the highest of priorities.

Cam Dahl, President
Cereals Canada

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