The weather inside is artful at St. Mary’s

This bulletin board was created by Amiel, Paislee, Isabelle, Hailey, and education assistant Gaye Horlick. They are in the Grade 4 to 6 art club at St. Mary of the Lake Catholic School in Slave Lake. Below is some art from this K to 6 school from the end of January.
Two classes made melted snowmen. This one with the red background was made by Arlo, in junior kindergarten (aka. Preschool).
A meteor melted Wyatt’s snowman. He is in kindergarten.
Kindergarten student Marie made this bear, which is mixed media – finger painting with coloring on top.
Annabelle, Kindergarten, made this multidimensional hibernating bear. The cave appears to be a paper plat. The bear looks cozy and warm in his cave despite the falling sparkles.
Grade 5 and 5 students painted these backgrounds and made penguins (some with and some without toques) out of construction paper. Some also have white paint specks for snow.
Grade 1 and 2 students drew and coloured these penguins with toques and parkas.

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