Things sure are different in High Prairie

Apparently things got a bit rowdy in a Greater Metro Hockey League playoff game in High Prairie a week or so ago.

The Edson Eagles and High Prairie Redwings were involved in a best-of-seven final series. The March 10 game at High Prairie’s Sports Palace was stopped with 8:30 left in the third period and the Wings leading 8 – 2, “after a series of on-ice incidents,” says the write-up in the South Peace News. What those incidents were the story didn’t say, but it might have included fans throwing things onto the ice.

The other thing that happened is somebody fired a pellet gun at the Edson bus after the game.

Nobody was hurt, thank goodness, and the RCMP are investigating.

Beyond the details of this silly behaviour is the fact that fans are still capable of getting worked up about home-town junior hockey. It’s been quite a long time since anything close to that has been seen in Slave Lake. Will it ever return?

The GMHL West Division has a lot of work on its hands. The jury is out on whether its ‘pay to play’ model of running a junior hockey league can endure. Somehow, for now, it seems to be working really well in High Prairie. Elsewhere, not so much.

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