Think positive: results from the latest round of Lakeside Leader surveys

Leader staff

In the third week of The Leader’s Facebook survey, the questions focused on positive thinking.

Day 1
‘Name something fun you can do while practicing social distancing.’
There were 25 responses.

These included ‘play Yatzee over the phone and through video chat’ and ‘play in (the) dirt transplanting veggies and flowers.’

Other people were baking, having virtual dinner parties, starting family games of Dungeons and Dragons, and playing Minecraft.

People were also watching things, from Facebook live concerts to their husband shoveling snow off the front lawn.

Sorting was also mentioned – i.e. finding treasures in the garage or looking through old photos. Day drinking and a fitness challenge with family were also mentioned.

Day 2
April 19 to 25 is Volunteer Appreciation week.

“Which of the following suggestions for celebrating volunteers would you consider doing? Select any that apply.”

The most popular with seven responses was “highlight individuals, teams or projects by sharing volunteer stories through video and photos on social media.”

Five people would “email a volunteer with a personalized thank you or provide gift cards for takeout as a token of recognition.”

The last two both received three responses. These were “write a reference letter for a volunteer who is applying for a job, internship or school program,” and “nominate an outstanding volunteer for an award to formally recognize their efforts.”

Day 3
“In the last week, how many days have you done something that brings you joy?”

No one selected none. The majority (17 people) said “every day”, eight “three to five”, and four “one to two.”

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