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Lots of training has been going on at the fire hall in Slave Lake. Recently, 25 firefighters from the region (including Loon Lake and Trout/Peerless Lake) spent a day doing vehicle extrication training at the hall. Then they took part in a burning exercise of a structure in Widewater. Then about 15 people took part in a ‘bone identification’ training exercise put on by the RCMP, also held at the fire hall.
In other fire department news, a guest house on a property in Widewater caught fire on Nov 23. The building is still standing, but is pretty much a write-off.
“I think it was a base heater,” says owner Willi Driedger.

Firefighters training in ‘vertical ventilation,’ a technique to remove smoke and heat through a roof.

Firefighters train at the Slave Lake hall in vehicle extrication.

Firefighters train in ‘wall breaching,’ which means smashing a hole in a wall to get in or get out, when fire prevents other possibilities.

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