Thoughts of winter

It’s an awfully long time until spring rolls around – not that we’re writing off the possibility of a nice fall – but cool weather last week was definitely provoking thoughts of how to get through the cold months.

Many of course will already be booking time in southern locales. That’s one way. Others try to make the most of winter by way of curling, skiing, snowmobiling and such. Business will pick up at the walking track at the field house in Slave Lake, of course.

And let’s not forget about the ice fishing opportunities. For those who like that sort of thing (and they are fairly numerous), it’s a reason to look forward to winter.

Some folks were looking forward to the possibility of a return of Junior hockey to Slave Lake this winter, but it looks as if that won’t happen. Maybe next year!

However, there’s lots of minor hockey and that can be fun to watch as well as being a social outing of sorts.

Finally, will the Edmonton Oilers make the playoffs this season? Who knows? Wayne Gretzky himself was so confident last season they would that he bet money on it. Something will happen, and thank goodness we don’t know what it is.

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