Three Slave Lake COVID outbreaks finished

Pearl Lorentzen

Lakeside Leader

Over the three weeks from October 23 to November 12, three COVID-19 outbreaks in Slave Lake, one in High Prairie, and one in Whitecourt were removed. 


As of Nov. 10, there were two remaining COVID outbreaks in the M.D. of Lesser Slave River and its closest neighbours. Both were in seniors’ facilities. One was Sweetgrass Optima Living, formerly called Points West, in Slave Lake. The other was Pembina Lodge in Westlock. The Slave Lake one was added to the list on Sept. 24 and the Westlock one on Oct. 5.  

School COVID alerts (two to four or five to nine COVID cases) and outbreaks (10 or cases) are listed separately. 

Over the three weeks already mentioned, nine school alerts were removed from LSR and its closest neighbours. As of Nov. 10, there were seven alerts or outbreaks. Of these, three were in Slave Lake: outbreaks at C.J. Schurter and E.G. Wahlstrom Elementary Schools and an alert (two to four cases) at Roland Michener Secondary School. These were not new, but both elementary schools had increased from alerts (two to four cases) to outbreaks (10 or more).  The other old alert (two to four cases) was in Whitecourt. 

There were also three new school alerts (two to four cases): two in Westlock and one in High Prairie.

Active cases

From Oct. 23 to Nov. 12, the number of active COVID-19 cases in the AHS North Zone were almost cut in half. However, the number of active cases in the Lesser Slave River which includes the Town of Slave Lake and Sawridge First Nation, increased from 80 active on Oct. 22 to 98 on Nov. 12. Over those three weeks, LSR had 149 new cases and 131 recoveries. This was an average of 49 new cases per week and 43 recoveries.


Over the three weeks from Oct. 23 to Nov. 12, four people from areas which border Lesser Slave River died from COVID-19. These were one each from Big Lakes County, Westlock County, M.D. of Opportunity, and Whitecourt. In total during those weeks, 34 people from the AHS North Zone died. This was an average of 11.33 people per week. This was a decrease the weeks just prior. The week ending Oct. 22 19 people from the North Zone died from COVID. 

As of November 12, there were 83 people in AHS North Zone hospitals because of COVID-19. Of these, six were in ICU. This was also a decrease from previous weeks. On October 22, there were 132 people in North Zone hospitals, with nine in ICU.  

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