Through the Years: Smith Environmental Association and ‘Quake at the Lake’

Snippets from past February 24 Leaders


Slave Lake had a new St. John’s Ambulance brigade. The volunteer organization provided first aid training and first aid at events. It started during the Crusades and is one of the oldest charities in the world.

Smith Environmental Association was looking for alternatives to clear-cut logging. A big concern was erosion, like had happened in the Tawatinaw Valley. This included a demonstration to block a log haul on a township road.

Two actor/directors from Missoula Children’s Theatre were in Slave Lake putting on a play in one week with 50 kids. (Missoula is 1,200 km from Slave Lake, in western Montana). The play was sponsored by Slave Lake Musical Theatre Association.

Slave Lake had its fourth annual health fair in Sawridge Plaza. The theme was heart health. Almost 20 health organizations and groups participated including Slave Lake hospital. Demonstrations included a blood pressure machine, and performances by Slave Lake’s Tae Kwon Do club and local dancers.

St. Mary of the Lake Catholic School was looking into adding high school classes.

The Slave Lake Historical Society had enough money for filing cabinets for an archive project. It also had artifacts from a Canyon Creek couple. The goal was to set up a permanent museum in Slave Lake.

Linda Harcus, from Hondo, won The Leader Valentine poetry contest. Ruben Ferh was second, and Bev Neilsen was third. Both were from Slave Lake.

The Slave Lake Chamber of Commerce was planning a Maritime Festival on July 1 to 3. It was to have maritime music, food, and a chance for people from the Maritimes to get together.


A Slave Lake air ambulance crash-landed on the lake. No one was hurt, but the front landing gear of the plane was damaged by snow drifts. The fire department reached the plane with snowmobiles and ferried the pilots, medical staff and two patients back to shore.

The Slave Lake air ambulance crash-landed on the lake in 1999.

A 34-year-old man from Marten Beach was sentenced to 30 months for possession of cocaine for trafficking and possession of a restricted firearm.

The Town of Slave Lake developed bylaws to control logging south of Highway 2. The province was selling Crown land that included portions that the town annexed in the 1980s. There were also sections which had been rezoned from urban reserve to residential direct control.

A ‘tot lot’, small playground, in the southeast was not going ahead, but the land was also not going to be sold. The plan was to improve the existing green space. At the time, it was described as a ‘mud hole’ with weeds spreading to all the neighbours.

St. Mary of the Lake Catholic School had Cree language classes. This was part of Native studies at the school.

Slave Lake Alberta Vocational College was holding ‘Quake at the Lake’, which was a computer game party. These were common in Edmonton, but this was likely the first in the north.


Northern Haven Support Society had helped 170 women and children since opening in August 2008. However, it didn’t have a shelter, so it was asking the provincial government for more money. “The need is clear,” said co-chairperson, Linda Munroe in the article.

The Town of Slave Lake, M.D. of Lesser Slave River, and Forestry were applying for funds to fight pine beetles on private property.

Some Michigan snowmobilers were coming to the Slave Lake area. This was part of MichCanSka 2010 which raised money for the Diabetes Research Institute.

The Woodland Cree class put on by Slave Lake Adult Education Committee was going well. Cree was the teacher’s first language.

Kolbie Rachar’s poem won an award of excellence and was published in the Poetry Institute of Canada’s National Poetry Contest. She was in Grade 3 at C.J. Schurter School.

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