Time served enough for breaches

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
April 5, 2017
Judge J.K Sihra

Kevin Albert Potskin found out that failing to comply with a probationary condition comes with a consequence.
Provincial Crown Attorney Petter Hurich told the court that back in July 2016, Potskin entered into a recognizance stemming from a break and enter and an assault with a weapon accusation.
Part of Potskin’s release conditions included having to report to his bail supervisor as directed.
According to Hurich, Potskin followed through with this for the first little bit, post-release; however, when he was supposed to attend a check-up in August, he didn’t show up.
“The supervisor said she tried to get a hold of Mr. Potskin and that he never made any attempts to get back to her,” said Hurich.
At the time of the court hearing Potskin had been in custody at Edmonton Remand Centre (ERC) for just over two-weeks. Judge Sihra took that into consideration and released Potskin after crediting him for time served.
Derek Luke Quintal appeared in court and pled guilty to two charges, including one count of obstructing a peace officer and one count of mischief involving property, four related charges were dropped by the crown.
Hurich read the facts, which in his words were, on January 14, 2017, Slave Lake RCMP received a call from a concerned local landlord. The landlord told officers that there were bloody footprints on the floor and smeared blood on the wall in one of his buildings.
“The footsteps lead to a door,” said Hurich. “Obviously there was a concern for safety.”
Officers entered the apartment to find a broken table, broken glass and more blood.
“Police found two individuals inside, Mr. Quintal was one of them,” said Hurich. “Both were in a very intoxicated state.”
Hurich added that officers tried to speak with Quintal and his female counterpart, however both of them weren’t co-operative.
“The female attempted to clean up glass and officers asked her to stop which she didn’t do,” said Hurich. “Officers arrested her and that didn’t sit well with Mr. Quintal who tried to interfere which resulted in him being arrested.”
Officers noted that when they tried to handcuff Quintal, he became aggressive and started a physical altercation.
“He managed to get out into the hallway and started to yell vulgar names at the officers,” said Hurich. “He got down to the second-floor and officers had to use physical force to restrain him.”
Quintal’s antics didn’t stop there; Hurich told the court that once he got into the police cruiser he stirred up quite the tantrum.
“He began kicking and did cause damage,” he said.
Duty counsel Bruce Maunder told Judge Sihra this was a case of extreme misunderstanding.
Apparently, according to the female’s mother, the broken glass and blood was from a injury she sustained earlier in the night.
Judge Sihra imposed a total fine of $1,170.

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