Too much of everything

If it’s not on my phone, it’s not worth the effort. Has anybody thought that, if not actually said it? That’s the thing about having so much information and fun at one’s fingertips; it can spoil you pretty badly.

‘Get up and walk into another room to find something out? No way! Too slow!’

In the same way that cheap fuel and affordable vehicles have made us lazy and flabby (along with too much and too-cheap salty and sweet snack junk), so our cell phones have made us that much lazier and less patient. Even emails are too much trouble for some folks these days. Too slow. Too much effort.

As for a regular old snail mail letter? Ha, ha. You must be joking.

There’s nothing really wrong with all this in itself. But one of the consequences is definitely less physical exercise and that can be dire. Even as little as standing up and walking to a bookshelf for a reference book has been taken away from us. Or – to use a more current example – walking to another room to search for some bit of info on the PC. Nobody needs to get up and do anything. Changing channels? Of course not. Don’t be silly.

So if we aren’t getting much or any exercise in our daily routine, we have to force ourselves to get it otherwise. This can be tough when we’ve been spoiled by having too much of everything at our fingertips.

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