Tourism and health care in Slave Lake

Last week was Paramedic Services, Tourism, and Rural Health Weeks. Tourists rescued by paramedics taken to rural hospital sounds like a crumby vacation.

All kidding aside, paramedics, rural health, and tourism are very important to Slave Lake and area. Although, it is unlikely the founders of the respective recognition weeks intend for them to be celebrated together.

Slave Lake wouldn’t be the same without these three groups of people. Each one is facing different challenges due to COVID-19.

Early on during COVID-19, the government pointed out the potential danger of people from cities descending enmass to their lakeside cottages. The issue was that the extra bodies might overwelm rural health care if COVID-19 spread quickly. Most people reading this paper are already in a rural community. Going from Slave Lake to your cabin at Marten Beach isn’t much of a risk. Also, as Stage I of the relaunch is underway, travel within Alberta might not be recommended, but it isn’t actively discouraged.

As people were discouraged from travelling, there were fewer tourists staying in hotels.

At least one Slave Lake hotel is using the slower time during COVID-19, to paint, deep clean rooms, and in general get the hotel up and ready for what comes next.

There’s various campgrounds, activities, a beautiful lake, and hiking to make Slave Lake an interesting place to stay-cation this year and vacation most years.

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