Town chooses bid for second phase of sewer expansion

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

At its May 7, 2024 meeting, Town of Slave Lake council chose a bid to do phase 2 of a sewer expansion in the industrial areas in northern Slave Lake.

In 2023, phase 1 was completed along Caribou Trail.

Phase 2 ties in the rest of the industrial area into the town’s sewer system.

The budget is $900,000 for phase 2.

The town received four bids. One of the bids didn’t include all of the necessary paperwork so wasn’t eligible. The other three eligible bids were: United Utilities Ltd. ($470,369.82), Elite Site Services ($720,000), and Pidherney’s Inc. ($901,700).

Bids were evaluated for timeline, past performance on previous projects, key team members, and price. United Utilities scored the best, so administration recommended that bid to council.

This company plans to do the work between July 8 and August 8, 2024.

The written report says, “The scheduled seems aggressive compared to our estimate and due to that a clarification phone call was held with the contractor. During that call, the contractor confirmed that the shorter project timeline is possible due to larger crew size working on site allowing to complete other project activities simultaneously.”

The report says the estimated total cost of the project with that bid would be $721,330.77. This includes the construction cost from United ($470,369.82), a 30 per cent contingency of ($141,110.95), and engineering and material testing ($109,850).

Councillor Steve Adams asked why the contingency was so high.

In general, administration has a 10 to 15 per cent contingency, said Kush Patel, Town of Slave Lake project manager. However, admin hasn’t used this company before, so went with 30 per cent.

Councillor Adams made a motion to award the contract to United Utilities. This was carried unanimously.

Councillor Brice Ferguson wasn’t at this meeting. In the past, he has been strongly opposed to elements of the sewer expansion program.

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