Town cops bust kids under the influence of marijuana

Flouting COVID public health orders as well

Leader staff

On the evening of January 8, 2021 at approximately 8 pm, a Slave Lake Peace Officer conducted a traffic stop on Flat Top Road, pulling two vehicles over for a document check. The drivers of both cars, who cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, were found to be operating their cars after having smoked cannabis.

Not only that, they were breaking just about every rule regarding COVID.
According to the release from town enforcement services, the officer determined the drivers had recently consumed cannabis which is contrary to their license status. How he determined this the release does not say. It does say the youths were also unlawfully in possession of cannabis and breaching the public health orders under the Alberta Public Health Act.

Both drivers received an immediate 24-hour suspension of driver privileges and were given Slave Lake’s first tickets under the Public Health Act.

The cannabis was seized.

The Health Act tickets had to do with COVID restrictions currently in effect. It was not specified in the news release, but a follow-up email from the Town of Slave Lake confirmed it.

“All parties in the car were not wearing masks, were not from the same household and were not maintaining social distancing.”

Graduated drivers licence holders may not consume cannabis or any intoxicating substances before driving, as the limit is set to zero
“Do your part and report impaired drivers by calling 911 immediately,” says the release.

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