Town council sets 10-year road re-hab plan, creates priority list

5th Ave NW next on the list

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Town council took steps last week to get back into a regular program of street rehabilitation. This was disrupted by the 2011 wildfire disaster and its aftermath, which (as far as street re-hab is concerned) wrapped up in 2016.
Accordingly, Town staff has prepared a list of streets needing work, in descending order of priority, stretching out over the next decade. The idea is to do one project per year, with the engineering for each year’s project to take place the previous year.
Project manager Doug Baird, presented the report at council’s Oct. 3 meeting, explained that this year’s project had to be deferred to next year, so 2017 will actually have two re-hab jobs on the go. The contract on 5th St. and 5th Ave. NE has already been awarded, but had to be deferred to the spring due to the late start date the contractor had offered. Next on the priority list is 5th Ave. NW, between 5th St. and 8th St. Estimated at $1.9 million, the project includes a complete water and sewer line replacement, finishing off with fresh pavement and new sidewalks.
According to the plan, 2018 would also see the engineering done for the third item on the priority list, which is 3rd St. SW. It would then be completed in 2019.
“It also needs the underground done,” Baird said.
Carrying on down the priority list, we find 5th St. NE, two sections of Caribou Trail, 2nd St. NE, 14th Ave. SE, 11A St. SE and 5th St. NW.
The order of priority isn’t set in stone, Baird said. It’ll be reviewed annually, and projects could be bumped up or down (or new ones added), depending on how things develop. But as of now, that is how they are ranked, meaning that 14th Ave. SE (for example) should be seeing action in 2023 or thereabouts.

A rather large pothole on 5th Ave NW.


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