Town council to MLA: ‘Get back to us when you’ve got results’

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Town council is not keen to meet with Lesser Slave MLA Pat Rehn. At least not until he has something to show them.

That was the consensus when the matter was discussed at council’s Feb. 3 meeting.

Rehn had requested a meeting, mayor Tyler Warman told his colleagues. So how about it? Do we want to do this?

Town council – fed up with the MLA’s performance – called for his resignation back in early January. Rehn was subsequently removed from the UCP caucus by Premier Jason Kenney, “for making no meaningful effort to work in his constituency, or properly to represent his…constituents.”

Since then, Rehn has been making efforts to build bridges. He’s been reaching out to local governments around his constituency and setting up meetings – including recently with the M.D. of Lesser Slave River.

Warman said Rehn told him “he was committed to working in this region. He’s basically said, ‘hey, do you want a meeting with me?’”

Warman said he told the MLA that working on the list council had already given him would be a good idea, since not much has changed, “which is why we’re in the situation we’re in.”

Warman asked councillors for their thoughts.

Councillor Rebecca King’s thoughts were that the list of items council has already presented Rehn with is “plenty long enough. I don’t have anything to add to it.”

Councillor Darin Busk agreed, with that, and added he doesn’t see what Rehn can do for Slave Lake as an independent MLA.

“I have no need to meet with him,” he said.

Hearing nothing from any of the other councillors, Warman suggested council send Rehn the same list of concerns he already has, “and encourage his office to schedule a meeting with us when he has updates on any of those items.”

Warman added that council is specifically interested in the housing item. This is the one, he said, that Rehn has made posts on social media about, claiming something is coming soon.

“But when we talk to the ministry, they don’t seem to know what we’re talking about.”

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