Town has new FCSS coordinator

Katrina Owens
Lakeside Leader

There’s a new Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) co-ordinator at the Town of Slave Lake. Her name is Haylie Millard and she started last month.
“Before moving to the FCSS role I was the program lead for the Slave Lake Parent Link Centre for the past two-and-a-half years,” she says. “While I was there I organized the programming, implemented early childhood programming and parent education programs as well as administered developmental screenings for families.”
Millard has an educational background in child and youth studies.
“I graduated from the child and youth worker program in Ontario in 2014, and am currently working on my Bachelor of Child and Youth Care through UVic,” she says. “I think my education background in child and youth care helps me in this role because I have an understanding of how I can work with children, youth and families.”
Millard adds, “Through my education I was able to have hands-on learning with children, youth and families while in my practicums. I also believe that my time at the Parent Link Centre helps me in my new role, as I have already built relationships with community members and agencies, and will continue to work with them in my new role.”
Though a large portion of Millard’s work experience here in town focused on kids, she says she has plans in the works for youth
“Youth programming is something that I really want to get going in Slave Lake, as I feel like it is a gap in our community currently,” she says. “I will be looking at developing some different youth programs and getting the youth of Slave Lake’s input into what types of programming they want to see offered.”
In fact, Millard says the formation of a youth council is underway.
“Currently I am working on developing a Youth Council. We have our first information session for youth and parents on June 2nd at the MRC,” she says. “This will be a time for parents and youth to come out and learn what a youth council is, and they can grab an application form. Dinner is provided, and if they would like to attend they will need to RSVP. I am also working with our seniors co-ordinator, Vanderwell Lodge, Points West Living and Audrey; a community member, to develop a program called “Buddies for Seniors”. Hopefully both of these programs will roll out in the next few weeks.”

Haylie Millard

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