Town of Slave Lake Council notebook

Nov. 7, 2017

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

CAO report: good news on the inter-municipal front

Brian Vance had some good news for council (although they already knew it) about inter-municipal relations. After a marathon set of weekend meetings between the town and the M.D. of Lesser Slave River, the following had been accomplished:
“The town has removed the Dec. 15 deadline and the M.D. has agreed to pay the invoices,” – with an adjustment (his written report clarified) on the boulevard maintenance item in the Intermunicipal Agreement.
“Agreement was reached on most aspects for renewal of the agreements,” Vance’s written report continued, “although a few items remain for further discussion on Nov. 28.”
Vance continued, saying that the town’s finance department was “clearing a few things up,” with regard to the two agreements, adding that (contrary to reports), “they did not make any errors.”


Vance said the two big water projects the town is looking after have been proceeding well. The regional intake and water line continues. The Main St. north project is done for the season as far as boring goes. Some tie-ins will still be done.

No help on skunks: traps to be made available

Vance shared the news that Fish & Wildlife would not be responding to complaints of skunks in town
“That leaves nobody,” he said, “which is where we step in. We’ve ordered some traps.”

Springwood crossing to get temporary treatment

Councillor Julie Brandle asked about the state of rail crossings in town – the one into the Springwood neighbourhood in particular.
“It’s pretty rough,” she said.
Vance said, “We’ve been haranguing CN quite hard on that one. They raised the rails four inches on that one.”
Vance said he hoped something could be worked out at a meeting scheduled for later in the week with CN. He said the most likely outcome was “a temporary solution ‘til spring.”

Mayor’s corner: busy as usual, or busier

“It’s been busy!” said Warman, which is what he says every time, because it apparently is.
The two weeks he was referring to might have set a new standard for busy-ness, though, because they included a pair of successive two-day meetings for all of council. On the first Friday and Saturday of November council met with a consultant to go through a strategic planning session. The next weekend they blocked off for a meeting with M.D. council, to try to get to the bottom of the differences between the two municipalities on cost-sharing agreements.
“It went really well,” said Warman. “Reeve Kerik joined me to facilitate. Only one councillor was missing. We had good discussion with where our comfort zone is. We’re not far apart.”
Warman added, “I’m looking forward to working together for the next four years.”
Warman’s other topic was the Legacy Centre fundraising banquet/auction coming up on Nov 18. It’s got entertainment, a meal and auction items, in the style of the former Ducks Unlimited banquets.



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