Town of Slave Lake Council notebook

Joe McWilliams

Lakeside Leader

Council’s Nov. 21 meeting was notable for three things: it was chaired by deputy mayor Shawn Gramlich, Calvin Couturier was sitting in the CAO’s seat, and it only lasted 15 minutes. That might (or might not) have been an all-time record for the shortest council meeting. CAO Jeff Simpson was away at an emergency management course, which is why the director of operations was filling in for him. Perhaps Mayor Frankie Ward was at the same course.

Only one item was on the agenda for a decision, which was the town’s policy on snow and ice control (see story on Page 1 and 2).

Moonlight Madness

Councillor Kim Hughes provided a report on the ‘Moonlight Madness’ event, which took place on Nov. 17. She called it “fabulous,” with “a great turnout.”

Retail-wise, “I’ve heard it was very busy,” Hughes added. “Very well received.”

Gramlich concurred: “It was a lot of fun,” he said.

Sipping and shopping

Hughes said the Chamber wasn’t done there; on Friday (Nov. 24) it was organizing an event called ‘Merry Little Christmas Shoppe.’ She described as a ‘sip and shop’ sort of thing, where participating stores would stay open until nine p.m., offering deals and treats and so on. They’d also be introducing a Christmas shopping project called ‘Postcards to Home.’ How it works, exactly, Hughes didn’t say, but it is a sort of successor to the ‘Passport to Christmas’ program the Chamber used to run.

Congratulations on tournament

Councillor Ali Mouallem’s contribution to the proceedings was to praise the organizers and volunteers of the two-day U13 hockey tournament that happened on Nov. 18 and 19. Also to the two Slave Lake teams that took part. One of them went undefeated, winning its side of the tournament.

Mouallem said as far as he could tell, hotels were pretty busy – even on Friday night. He said he hoped some of the visiting families were able to take in the ‘Moonlight Madness’ event and formed a good impression of Slave Lake as a place to visit.

Get out and vote

Wrapping up, meeting chair Gramlich reminded people of the byelection for council happening. Nov. 23 is (now was) the second of two advance polls, he said, and Tuesday, Nov. 28 is voting day. He asked recording secretary (and returning officer) Ashley Whitford for the hours the polls would be open.
“Nine a.m. to eight p.m.,” she said.

“Get out and vote!” Gramlich urged, “and help shape Slave Lake moving forward.”

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